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Kevin Maloney

Rising Up and Speaking Out About HIV and Hepatitis C

Demand Hershey Trust Co. (Owners of Hershey Company) Reverse Decision on HIV+ Student and Dismiss School Officials
December 2, 2011

How sad that this story continues and the school has not reversed course. Each night for the past three nights CNN's Anderson Cooper AC360 news show has made this a top story and has been giving it a lot of attention. Thank you Anderson for keeping this in the public domain. To view a clip of the story that appeared on AC360 the other night, click here.

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Video: This Is My Story, What's Yours?
November 1, 2011

I tell you the story of my life to the background music of the Fray; "How to save a life". I want to hear your story. Send me a video reply and I'll post it on my you tube channel at

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Mission, Vision and What It Means to Rise Up to HIV
October 16, 2011

Mission: To educate, inspire, empower, advocate, network and partake in social change through unilateral and collaborative social media efforts of organizations, PLWHA, and other individuals with diverse backgrounds from all over the world.

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My Latest HIV Labs 19 Months Post HIV/HCV Diagnosis
October 8, 2011

I wanted to share with you my latest HIV labs in hopes of familiarizing those newly infected with HIV to the kind of tests that may be performed at your check up every 3-6 months. I'll also explain some tests, and point you in the direction of resources to help you interpret your results. Please comment, I love comments!!

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A Teacher Reflects on His HIV-Positive Status
October 6, 2011

I write this piece knowing that I am joined by many colleagues who are currently teaching around the US, and the world, as an HIV poz individual each with their own story and perspective as to how this disease has changed them personally and professionally. My story is not out of the ordinary or extraordinary but I wanted to share some of my experiences with a wider audience.

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International AIDS Funding vs. Domestic Funding; The POTUS Must Act NOW!
September 25, 2011

When PEPFAR was enacted in 2003 under George W Bush we were then talking about funding cuts and ADAP wait-lists. Today, the story is unchanged; in fact the AIDS crisis in America hasn't been as dire since the epidemic began 30 years ago. How is it that we can spend BILLIONS in US taxpayer dollars on overseas initiatives under PEPFAR, but cannot find 100 million to alleviate the current ADAP crisis in the United States? American citizens have fallen by the wayside of this administration's handling of our domestic AIDS crisis.

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Dating With HIV: My Experience and Thoughts
August 29, 2011

I am now 18 months post my dual diagnosis of HIV and hepatitis C, and nine months post successful hepatitis C treatment. I thought it was time to meet someone; no, not just for sex, but for something more. You see since my dual diagnosis I have felt completely asexual, and I'll admit, feeling a bit "tainted" too. Even HIV+ guys are hesitant to meet me when I tell them I also "had" hepatitis C.

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The 4th Annual ADAP Summit; A Budding Advocate
July 12, 2011

Last week I attended the 4th Annual ADAP Summit in Washington, D.C. An event put on by Brandon Macasta CEO of the ADAP Advocacy Association (aaa+). The association's mission and purpose is to promote and enhance the AIDS drug Assistance Programs (ADAP's) and improve access to care for persons living with HIV/AIDS. They work with advocates, communities, health care, government, patients, pharmaceutical companies and other stakeholders.

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My Message on the 30th Year of the AIDS Epidemic
June 3, 2011

1981 was a happy time in my life. I was 5 years old, and my favorite toys were my Pound Puppy, Glo Worm, and my new bike. This was also the year I started kindergarten, and I still remember my kindergarten teacher Ms. Cambell and learning my ABC's via the "Animal People".

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The ADAP Crisis, and the Proverbial Water-Well
May 24, 2011

This morning I watched as six of 12 defenseless ducklings fell into a well, as the mother duck stood her ground and protected the other chicks from making the same mistake. The mother duck's quack became increasingly louder until residents of the apartment complex figured out what had happened, and rescued the baby chicks.

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Rising Up and Speaking Out About HIV and Hepatitis C

Kevin Maloney

Kevin Maloney

Random things about me: I am kind, caring, respectful and wanting to make a difference/impact in the World. I've been to Australia, New Zealand and 13 countries in Europe, and have traveled and lived all over the United States. I have a Bachelor's degree in Health Services Management and will be working towards my Master's In Public Health. I am an uncle of two of the MOST adorable girls in the World, and have one brother. I am a Momma's boy, and it is hard to see my mother's health in such a deteriorated state -- she has severe COPD (from 40 years of smoking). In March 2010 I was told that I have HIV and a month later, with follow-up labs, was then told I also acquired hepatitis C (not through IV drug use). I aspire to great things. Stay tuned.

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