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Alafia (Peace)

By Khafre Abif

March 15, 2011

Alafia means peace. It is a word from the Yoruba people of Nigeria.

What a blessing it is to contribute to the community of activists, advocates, bloggers, writers, and columnists who seek to empower the lives of us infected and affected by HIV/AIDS. I count it all joy to contribute through which has been a constant and faithful resource to me personally for many years.

I am an information person. In my 22 years living with HIV I have had many valleys and many hills. I am still here and hope that you can gain as much or more from your search for support in meeting all of the challenges we face to thrive, to witness, to identify, to push, to struggle, to save, to share, and to love.

I will share with you on issues which will include but are not limited to activism, visiting your physician, navigating access to care and treatment, disclosure, faith, friends, family, love, preparing to relocate, obtaining your medical records, developing a relationship with your pharmacists. Since I am an information person, librarian actually, I will direct you to resources, ideas, and action.

I plan to pour out to you all that I have learned throughout my journey. At times it will educate, inform, and inspire you to continue with me on this journey. Believe me when I say that I know how to share. I have been in support group meetings all across the East Coast. I never leave the room without being heard, and you shouldn't either. I found my voice, I have no shame, I harbor no guilt, and I speak my truth. I will share with you all I have and pray that you will share with me.

I am who I am by the Grace of God.
I am not a mistake
I am not an error
But I am wonderfully and fearfully made
In HIS image and in HIS likeness
So today I celebrate who I am
I celebrate who you are
I am love
I am a child of the Most High GOD

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