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Monday Reflection: Watering The Seed God Planted!

By Rae Lewis-Thornton

March 7, 2011

This piece originally appeared in Rae's blog, Diva Living With AIDS.

About four years ago God planted a seed in my heart and spirit but I was waiting on Him to make it happen. Yep, after all of my stepping out on faith, I mean come on Rae, speaking, cover of Essence, news reports with an Emmy in tote, blog, social media, I did it all on faith. I felt it in my gut and I acted on it, not knowing what the outcome would be, but just believing the voice of God.

Monday Reflection: Watering The Seed God Planted!

But on this one I was stuck in fear. A radio show, with no experience or expertise, "God has got to work this one out," I kept saying to myself. It seemed like a good idea. I mean, my storytelling way of reaching people has worked well on the speaking circuit. My cut to the chase, no nonsense, candid honesty and transparency works.

I have a gift to reach people in a way that touches the very core of them. People often walk away loving me or hating me, but they all walk away thinking. And for me, that's all that really matters. As long as I got my baby girl Sophie, I will always have someone to love me ... Just Sayin ... I do this to help enrich lives. ... That's my bottom line! I cut through the bullshit! My life coach style is not only a gift, it is God doing His best work out of my human mess.

Monday Reflection: Watering The Seed God Planted!

So why have I been so stuck? It don't make sense. I did that series of hard news reports for CBS. I sat anchor and told my story in an eight part series that won me an Emmy. What's the problem Rae?" I asked. But Sybil answered, "Well, on TV you had a team of people, a producer, a writer, a cameraman. Who the hell do you think you are to possibly think you could have a radio show with NO technical support? See, there goes Sybil again. *SMDH* And for 4 years Sybil kept me from watering the seed God had planted. I kept saying, "Surely someone will give me a "real" radio show.

I fought hard against the idea of Blog Radio. There are so many blog shows. #ForReal. I didn't want to be another one in the bunch. Even at the beginning of the year when I got, honestly, more than 25 tweets in one day asking me if I was gonna do a radio show this year, I fought it. Even after someone sent me the link to blog radio, I fought it.

And I guess if I'm honest, pride was in my way. Come on and be honest with yourself Rae. I've been on the cover of countless magazines, I have an Emmy, I'm one of the most name recognizable black women in the US with AIDS, why wouldn't someone want to give me a radio show. So I floated the idea around, I even shopped the idea around. Nothing!

Tea With Rae

So I came to that place about two weeks ago, like with a whole lot of things in my life, God wants me to step out on faith yet again. Do the work, He will do the rest. It clicked!! Just like that from having the very same conversation with my BFF's Luke and Audrey in the same day. It's time to take it to the next level.

Over the years I've done everybody's show under the planet, now it's time to do my own. If it's just me and one listener, then I've done what I am supposed to do. I can't let my ego and crazy ass Sybil get in the way of God's work. And by the way. ... At the beginning of the year, God also planted a seed in your spirit. ... What have you done with it so far this year?

I'm stepping out on faith. Watering the seed God has planted. This show will give people a chance to talk to me about the complicated issues of life. Starting today -- Tea With Rae: Wellness for the Mind, Body and Sprit will air each Monday at 8:00 p.m. CST, for one hour. It will be a talk radio show in the truest sense. I will present a topic and I need you to call in. My call-in number is 626-414-3495. Let's talk about it. ... I hope that you will support the blog talk radio show, just as you have supported all of my social media: Diva Blog, Twitter, Facebook, You Tube, and really Blog Talk Radio is the next step. I will need you to not only listen but to call in ... #IcannotdoitAlone.

In this show I explore the complex issues of life. My hope is to push the envelop that will force us to reexamine our lives in such a way that we make healthy decisions that will enrich our mind, body and spirit. In my life couch manner, I will bring provocative topics that will be discussed with candor, honesty and transparency.

I say it again, God has given me a unique gift to explore life's topics that help to enrich the lives of others. I will bring all that I have to this show as an extension of my ministry and work. I will utilize all of my expertise! I will draw on my experiences as a renowned AIDS activist, a seminary educated minister with a Master of Divinity degree, a woman with 27 years of education, a seasoned political organizer, and a woman that has triumphed against all the odds. This show will be educational and inspirational.

It's not a health show or HIV/AIDS show, but it will have a wellness overtone. The mind, body and spirit are very much connected. This show will give information to help people live whole and healthy in all areas of their life. So grab a cup of tea and join me as we sip wellness and talk wellness!

PostScript: My hope is to upgrade the show to two times a week and to a 1-800 call in number. But I will need financial support to make that happen. I am working on a patronage program which will be a concrete way to support the show. I will introduce it soon ... In the meantime, just tune in!!! And follow the show ...

Show Schedule: The first show A Woman's Worth is in honor of National Women and Girls' HIV Awareness Day this week. We will discuss the rising cases of HIV among Black women, how we got here, and how we can change it.

The entire month is dedicated to Woman's History Month. I will be discussing issues that impact the very core of woman and what we can do as women to change things for the better. This month is about women for women, but we don't live on an island, we live with men so these topics will intersect with the lives of men.

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