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Roundtable Discussions | Special Reports

Roundtable Discussions

In order to dig deeper into the HIV-related issues that affect women, read these roundtable discussions with HIV experts from around the world.


The Rising HIV Rates Among Young Women and Girls of Color: What's Going On?

Part One
Part Two

In this exclusive roundtable interview, our news editor, Kellee Terrell, sat down with Tracie Gardner, Founder of the Women's Initiative to Stop HIV/AIDS NY; Jennifer Irwin, Deputy Executive Director at Health and Education Alternatives for Teens; and Claire Simon, Co-Director of the Young Women of Color HIV/AIDS Coalition, to discuss the pressing issues that are increasing HIV risk among young girls and women of color.


From Policy to Pregnancy: Sexual Rights and Reproductive Options for People Living With HIV/AIDS

Six women, each one a prominent, longtime advocate for HIV-positive women in her country, discuss the family-planning struggles women living with HIV face -- and how these challenges might be met -- in cultures ranging from the traditional to the technologically advanced.

Special Reports takes an in-depth look at issues affecting women living with HIV.

Kellee Terrell

Wanted: Feminist Warriors to Fight HIV/AIDS

In this op-ed,'s news editor, Kellee Terrell, discusses how, on the issue of AIDS killing women of color in the U.S., the Women's Movement appears to be M.I.A. Isn't the HIV epidemic a woman's issue?

The Feminization of an Epidemic

The Feminization of an Epidemic

In this feature for Test Positive Aware Network, Saraswati Iobst, M.D., and Monica Gandhi, M.D., M.P.H., explore how the HIV epidemic has affected women over the years, current HIV prevention methods for women and how treatment affects women differently than men.

female anatomy diagram

Caring for a Woman's Body: What Every HIV-Positive Woman Should Know About the Care and Prevention of GYN Problems

For women living with HIV, there are many aspects to staying healthy. You're off to a good start if you take your medications on schedule, eat well, and get regular exercise. But to take care of your whole body, you need to get regular gynecologic (GYN) care from a health care provider. In this article, The Well Project gives you the 411 on what you need to know and expect when going to the gynecologist.

Dear It Isn't Tacky for Women to Have Condoms; It's Called Being Empowered

In this op-ed,'s news editor, Kellee Terrell, discusses how women owning condoms isn't a turnoff, despite what Black Eyed Peas frontman told Elle magazine.
(Image Credit: Angela George)

Looking for more? Check out's full listing of opinion articles and reports on issues related to women and HIV/AIDS.

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