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NMAC Welcomes a New Deputy Executive Director

By Candace Y.A. Montague

January 19, 2011

Daniel Montoya, new deputy executive director for NMAC. Photo: NMAC Comunications.

Daniel Montoya, new deputy executive director for NMAC. Photo: NMAC Comunications.

The National Minority AIDS Council announced yesterday that Daniel Montoya will be its new deputy executive director. NMAC is a Northwest-based AIDS service organization that provides information to community-based organizations, hospitals, clinics, community groups and others who help people with HIV. Mr. Montoya has a bachelor's degree in Business Administration and is a candidate for a Master's degree in Public Affairs from the University of Texas at Austin. He has served as Senior Policy Advisor to the National Institute of Allergy and Infections Diseases, Division of AIDS, Government Affairs Director at AIDS Project Los Angeles and Executive Director of the Presidential Advisory Council on HIV and AIDS. He has been in public health for 22 years and has been HIV positive for 23 years.

In an interview with the DC HIV/AIDS Examiner, Mr. Montoya says he hopes to build new partnerships in the future and support the National AIDS Strategy. "The National Minority AIDS Council (NMAC) has already established itself as the nation's premier organization providing leadership and capacity development within communities of color. Going forward, NMAC hopes to expand its reach, not only by collaborating with new community partners, but also by leveraging its extensive network to support the goals of the National HIV/AIDS Strategy -- particularly its call for a 25 percent reduction in new infections. NMAC's mission is well suited to support those goals and best assist our organization's broad constituency."

Montoya is a proud gay Latino man and understands first hand the dissatisfaction that the Latino population feels about the government's response to the epidemic in their community. He stated, "Having worked with both community based organizations and government agencies, I have seen the tension that exists on both sides of the funding issue -- government agencies do their best to direct limited resources to the communities that most desperately need them, and organizations are forced to make do with perpetually scarce funds. As a gay Latino man, this is why I think NMAC's work is so important: building the capacity of organizations serving communities of color, not just here in DC, but across the country, so that they can provide much-needed services to as many people as possible, even in the midst of diminished resources. NMAC is also working hard, in partnership with other national HIV/AIDS organizations, to ensure that federal agencies have the resources necessary to ensure that each community receives the required funding to mitigate the epidemic."

Paul Kawata, Executive Director of NMAC, says he is happy to have Montoya join his staff. He has high hopes for his new deputy and looks forward to working with him on behalf of minority communities. Mr. Montoya will be responsible for overseeing capacity building, conferences, media relations, government affairs and more.

Good luck to Mr. Montoya in his new position at NMAC.

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