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Maria T. Mejia

Time to Show My Face and Take the Stigma Away

My Book and Other Important Events (Video)
June 16, 2014

Many wonderful things are happening. My book is out (From a Warrior's Passion and Pain), my marriage to Lisa, my change of medications, and being honored by Latino Commission on AIDS with The Dennis de Leon Voz de Compromiso Award.

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My Marriage and Very Important Dennis De Leon Voz de Compromiso Award
June 16, 2014

I wanted to share with the whole world my special moment and also announce that Lisa and I are married! :) We got married in New York.

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Cambiando Medicamentos
30 de mayo de 2014

Algunos saben que tome el medicamento Trizivir por 10 anos. Esta era una buena medicina, pero note que mis células rojas estaban engrandecidas en los laboratorios y decidí cambiar el régimen de medicinas.

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Changing Meds
May 30, 2014

As some know, I "once again" asked my doctor to change my medication regimen! I took Trizivir for 10 years. It was a good medicine but I noticed that my red blood cells were enlarged.

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Esconder Que Estoy Enferma No Es Algo Bueno
8 de abril de 2014

Este mes de abril será el 25 aniversario conviviendo con el VIH. Los últimos 2 años de vivir con el VIH han sido los más difíciles para mí y muchos no saben esto. No me gusta para mostrar o decirle a la gente cuando me siento enferma, y es muy frustrante para mí saber que estoy haciendo todo que debo y más y todavía se siente como que estoy como un bebé -- y cualquier virus anda en el aire lo cojo y estoy enferma de nuevo. Parece que no he podido tener un descanso. He escrito antes acerca de sentirse atrapado ... nunca completamente enfermo de hospitalización y nunca 100 por ciento saludable para sentirse bien.

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Hiding When I Am Sick Is Not a Good Thing
April 8, 2014

This April will be my 25th anniversary living with HIV. The last 2 years of living with HIV have been the hardest for me and many do not know this. I don't like to show or tell people when I feel ill, and it is very frustrating for me to know that I am doing everything I am supposed to and then some, and still feel like I am a baby -- exposure to any virus or bug and I am sick once again. It seems I haven't been able to catch a break as far as getting ill and I have written before about feeling stuck ... never completely ill for a hospitalization and never 100 percent healthy to feel good.

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Las Películas que Pueden Alimentar el Estigma y la Ignorancia
16 de marzo de 2014

Cuando me senté con mi esposa Lisa para ver El Club Compradores de Dallas (Dallas Buyers Club), yo estaba en shock, qué actores maravillosos. Realmente hicieron un buen trabajo! Y fue parte de la historia. Eso lo viví através de la mayor parte de mi diagnostico en lo que esta enfermedad era conocida como GRID o una condición de prostitutas o drogadictos. Pero, nada toca a Filadelfia para mí :) Fue una película muy profunda y me tocó profundamente! Supongo que es una cuestión de gustos, no quitándole nada la película BDC.

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Movies That Can Fuel Stigma and Ignorance
March 16, 2014

As I sat with my wife, Lisa, and watched Dallas Buyers Club, I was like "wow! what wonderful actors!" They really did a good job! And it was part of history. I lived through most of that in those times when this condition was known as GRID, or a condition for prostitutes or drug users. But nothing touches Philadelphia for me. :) It was a very deep movie and it touched me deeply! I guess it is a matter of taste, not taking anything away from DBC.

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Una Niña Perdida
3 de marzo de 2014

Esta era yo en uno de los peores momentos de mi vida ... una niña perdida ... ¡tenia alrededor de 15 años, pandillera, una delinquente! ¡Me odiaba a mí misma! ¡No hay fotos de esa epoca! No soy ni una partícula delo que fue esa chica ... ¡Ella sufrió! ¡Ella estaba con dolor! Escondía su cuerpo y su rostro ... ¡se sentía fea y sin valor! Ella creyó lo que le dijeron ... ¡ELLA ERA UNA NADA Y NUNCA llegaría a nada! Ella sólo se había perdido yestaba herida, y esa imagen dura sólo era una armadura para que nadie le hiciera mas daño o se acercara a ella. Este era yo, Maria Teresa Mejia. Yo era un pequeño gusano que se convirtió en una mariposa y ahora estoy volando alto. Amor y luz.

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A Lost Girl
March 3, 2014

This is me in one of the worst times of my life ... a lost girl around 15 years old, a gang member, a thug! I hated myself! There are really no pics of my past. I am not a single particle of that girl anymore ... she suffered! She was in pain! She would hide her body and her face ... she felt ugly and worthless!!! She believed what she was told ... SHE WAS A NOTHING AND NEVER WOULD AMOUNT TO ANYTHING! She was just lost and hurting, and that hard image was just an armor so no one would hurt her or get close to her. This was me, Maria Teresa Mejia. I was a little worm that became a butterfly and now I am flying high. Love and light.

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Time to Show My Face and Take the Stigma Away

Maria T. Mejia

Maria T. Mejia

I am a Colombian female who lives in Miami, Florida. I've been positive for 20 years. Although almost all my life I've been in long-term relationships with HIV-negative men, I am happily married to a woman who is wonderful and caring. We have been together almost three years and she is HIV negative. I have no children but we will look into having! I am an activist, a peer educator, a caregiver. I volunteered for the Red Cross in education for the Hispanic HIV community and also the American community. I was a pre- and post-test counselor. I have spoken in many conferences and done a lot of outreach in the community, especially in the schools for prevention and education. It is part of my everyday life to educate everyone I can on this subject. Being HIV positive is nothing to be ashamed about! We are strong women, and we will take away all the stigmas slowly but we have to open up.

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A Girl Like Me

The Well Project shares its content with to ensure all people have access to the highest quality treatment information available. The Well Project receives no advertising revenue from or the advertisers on this site. No advertiser on this site has any editorial input into The Well Project's content.

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