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December 30, 2010
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As an action-packed year for the HIV/AIDS community draws to a close, takes stock of 2010 in a new series of articles, "HIV/AIDS Year in Review: Looking Back on 2010 (and Ahead to 2011)." You can read the entire series here; below is a taste of what you'll find there.

Bob Frascino, M.D. Dr. Bob: A Reappraisal of 2010 Reveals a Turning Point in the Pandemic
"I may have been a bit too hasty in my initial assessment of what 2010 will mean when the history of HIV/AIDS is eventually written," admits Bob Frascino, M.D. "In fact, I now believe 2010 may well be a pivotal year in the AIDS pandemic, despite the lack of major treatment breakthroughs!"

day calendar collage The "Winner": Strangest but Truest Posts of 2010 in's "Ask the Experts" Forums
Which of our 10 nominees did you decide was the most bizarre question about HIV asked at this year? The one about semen in coffee? The crotch-licking dog? The sexually pleasuring spoon? Take a look at the final tally -- and at unfortunate examples of the ignorance about HIV transmission that persists in our society today.


Rae Lewis-Thornton Rae Lewis-Thornton: Accepting the Bad, for Your Own Good
Physically, financially and emotionally, 2010 has been one of the toughest years in long-term HIV survivor Rae Lewis-Thornton's life. But she's determined not to let herself get mired in negativity: "I don't know about you, but I got enough stuff going on in my life to hold on to baggage that can't be unpacked. So I'm leaving the suitcase with all that s*** right on the side of the road and moving on."

Ibrahim Ibrahim: An Optimistic View on the "Berlin Patient" and a Cure for HIV
"I am not that idiotic to say 'mission accomplished' when a battle is still in the beginning," Ibrahim writes in his latest blog entry. "But I will certainly say: It's time to celebrate a good beginning of our march towards a cure from many directions; it is the beginning of the end of HIV."

Thomas DeLorenzo Thomas DeLorenzo: A Not-So-Optimistic View on the "Berlin Patient" and a Cure for HIV
"I am not quite ready to bring out my trumpet just yet," Thomas DeLorenzo blogs. "My friends without HIV ... were all excited about this news. They were taken aback by my lack of enthusiasm. I had many reasons to hold back my joy. Some were purely scientific; some were personal."

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Discouraged (From True North) on "Three Scary Beliefs That Defy Fact, Reality and Common Sense"

"Within the last month, another HIV+ guy has been arrested in my city for non-disclosure and this case has been blown out of proportion in the media. I am so scared I can hardly function. I COULD BE THIS GUY, HE DID NOTHING WRONG! I feel like the witch hunt has begun here and it's just a matter of time before they come to get me, too."

Read the rest of Discouraged's comment and join the discussion on this article!


Fogcityjohn Making Darkness Visible: The Law, HIV, Homophobia and Suicide
"If [U.S. political leaders] are serious about combating suicide among our community's youth, then they must devote themselves to the task of dismantling this country's appalling system of legal discrimination against LGBTs," writes blogger fogcityjohn. He draws from his experience as a lawyer (and a bullied kid) to show the links between the law, the wave of the recent LGBT teen suicides and HIV.

 With Republicans Charging in, What Will Happen to AIDS Funding?
A Republican-controlled U.S. House of Representatives could devastate AIDS funding both at home and abroad, according to a new analysis by the research foundation amfAR. Housing Works' Julie Turkewitz offers a perspective on how the fight against HIV/AIDS may change when a new Congress returns to Washington, D.C., next week.

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HIV Vaccine Trials and the Science of Oppression
"Individuals should enroll in [HIV vaccine] trials only after careful thought and consideration of the real and tangible risks, as well as the benefits that a vaccine may provide in the future. This can never happen over cocktails," warns Joe Osmundson. Osmundson, a scientist, criticizes what he sees as questionable tactics used by HIV vaccine trial recruiters at a bar frequented by gay, African-American men and women in New York City.

Tomika AndersonWomen and HIV Testing: "We Must Be Our Sisters' Keepers"
"If I write HIV-related stories for a living and I'm not fully informed about my risk, how informed is the average sista?" asks health reporter Tomika Anderson in an article from the Black AIDS Institute. Tomika's wake-up call inspired her to talk to her partner about getting tested -- and to remind her friends to do the same.

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