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Frequently Asked Questions About Pediatric AIDS

Clinical Management

  1. HIV Diagnosed at Birth
  2. Immunization Recommendations
  3. Infants and Testing
  4. Suggestions on Making Antiretroviral Drugs More Palatable
  5. Women Transmission Referral

Foster Care/Adoption

  1. Adoption Restrictions


  1. Cost of Care
  2. Life Span of a Child with HIV Diagnosed at Birth
  3. Sperm Washing

HIV Basics

  1. Statistics
  2. Statistics and Cost of Treatment

HIV Transmission

  1. Exposure to HIV
  2. Ways a Newborn Can Contract HIV

Legal/Custody Battle

  1. Custody Issues When One of the Parents Is HIV Positive

Psychosocial and School Issues

  1. Adolescent Disclosure Reference
  2. Caregivers Issues
  3. Schools and Disclosure

Reduction of Perinatal Transmission

  1. Does Having a C-section Reduce the Tranmission of HIV to a Newborn?


  1. Resources for Kids
  2. Summer Camps on the West Coast

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