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Questions & Answers: HIV Basics


Can you tell me the number of pediatric AIDS cases reported in each state during the calendar year 1997? CDC's HIV/AIDS Surveillance Report does not list the number of pediatric AIDS cases by state. Thank you!


The number of pediatric AIDS cases in the calendar year 1997 is listed in the CDC's HIV/AIDS Surveillance Report. They are on page 25 of the report. Sometimes it is difficult to arrive directly at the '97 report and one might need to start at and go from there. Good luck.


I am a graduate student at the University of North Florida. My major is Health Education/Health Promotion. The main focus of my research is pediatrics and AIDS. I am looking for some statistics on the increase since 1982. Also the comparison of cost to treat a pediatric patient with HIV/AIDS. Is it more expensive as they get older? What is the increase? The information I need is for the US only.


The Centers for Disease Control disseminates surveillance reports which may help you to find the statistics you are seeking There was some information about the cost of HIV/AIDS care from the International Meeting in Geneva. In a recent brief news article from the entitled "Call for Increased Research, Education", Helene Gayle from the CDC said it costs more than $150,000 to treat a person with HIV infection. "At the current rate of annual infections in the United States (at least $40,000), the nation now adds $6.2 billion in future health care costs alone for HIV every year."

There is some data from the late eighties that was published; however, it would no longer be applicable to the care provided today.

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