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Act Now: No Airtime for Killer AIDS Denialist

November 18, 2010

WBAI (the NYC Pacifica radio station) is putting AIDS denialist Gary Null back on the air. They plan to give him five days a week to spout misinformation like HIV is not the cause of AIDS and all AIDS treatments are poison.

Null aims to expand his lies about HIV not causing AIDS, and the marketing of his own products, to all the listener-sponsored Pacifica stations. No matter where you live, we need your help opposing this dangerous situation.

This is unacceptable:


  1. Endorse this petition
    Note: If this is an ORGANIZATIONAL ENDORSEMENT as well as an INDIVIDUAL ENDORSEMENT, please fill in the ORGANIZATION field in the petition.
  2. Call and email WBAI and Pacifica leaders to tell them that AIDS denialists have led to the deaths of people with HIV and that there is no longer any valid debate that HIV is the cause of AIDS:

    Interim WBAI Program Director Tony Bates:, 212-209-2835 M-F, 9am-1pm; 2- 5pm EST or leave a message at the switchboard 212-209-2800.

    WBAI Interim General Manager Berthold Reimers:, 212-209-2820 EST, or leave a message at the switchboard 212-209-2800.

    WBAI Station Board Chair Mitchel Cohen:

    Pacifica National Board and Executive Director Arlene Englehardt:, 510-849-2590 x208 PST; if you can't get through try 510-849-2590 and ask to leave a message for her.
  3. Share this information with everyone who cares about the fight against HIV/AIDS, urging them to take action.

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