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By Thomas DeLorenzo

November 16, 2010

By the end of this year, over 4,000 Americans will not be able to access their lifesaving HIV medications due to funding short falls. HIV infections keep going up in this country in spite of the prevention efforts. But there is one group that people are forgetting about -- the men and women spending their final days in AIDS hospices across the country.

I never knew that being an Entertainment Publicist could ever be so enlightening but that's exactly what happened one day in San Antonio, Texas. I met Josh, this incredibly sweet kid with the biggest smile I ever saw. Immediately upon knowing my name, Josh said I was cute. We started a small conversation about his day and the big party I was there for. Josh was going to try to make it, in spite of his wheelchair-bound status. Before I left him, Josh told me he loved me.

How could I possibly not love him back?

People like Josh are all over this country and they are spending their final days without knowing how much they are loved. Josh told me he loved me. Help me express my love for him and help my project.

It's simple -- I am looking for 40 products -- 30 to San Antonio and 10 to D.C. Contact me via e-mail at and we'll make arrangements: I could pick up the items from you if you're in my area, or you could send them directly to the hospices.

We are looking for items that make sense -- candy and other food products, clothing, bedding, music, DVDs -- you know, things that make sense for a person at this stage in their life. I need them the week after Thanksgiving, by December 3 at the latest. I hope that in spite of the economy, you still have room to give this year.

I created this project because I, too, am a person living with AIDS. However, I am lucky. I have the good fortune to have a compassionate and caring group of family and friends around me, and to have good health. However, everyone with AIDS is different. I want to help my brothers and sisters living with this dreaded disease enjoy their final days and know that people care about them. I want Josh to know that other people love him, too.

You can learn more about this project by checking out and You can learn more about the charities at and

Thanks very much for anything you can do this year.

Thomas DeLorenzo

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