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Aless Piper

Flaming Red

How to Create a Cause-Based Newsfeed on Facebook
May 29, 2012

If you're anything like me, there are probably dozens, if not more, pages you've liked on Facebook. In my case, 550, and a good chunk of that number -- probably more than 200 -- is HIV/AIDS-related; many of them are ASO's from all over the world.

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My Social Media Makeover
March 29, 2012

When I started writing about social media and the role I felt it could play in helping AIDS Service Organizations connect with people who may not otherwise be involved in HIV/AIDS activism, not to mention stay current and relevant, I was adamant that I also make some of the changes I was suggesting ASOs make.

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Flaming Red's Social Media Toolkit
February 25, 2012

I've been spending a lot of time lately discussing ways for people to get involved in HIV/AIDS activism and ways for ASOs to tap into this reserve of "slacktivists" who are not lax by choice, but because of pre-existing time and distance constraints. I truly believe that there is absolutely no reason why someone who wants to be involved, should not be involved in some way. Likewise, I believe that there is absolutely no reason for ASOs to not be present and accounted for on social media. I also believe that ASOs can and should have control over their own web presence and content. Why? Because it is just so darn easy.

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Getting Savvy About Social Media
January 18, 2012

In my recent piece, "Notes for a Young Activist," I outlined ways for activists to get involved using social media and the internet. It occurred to me recently that AIDS Service Organizations, especially in Canada and smaller U.S. cities could maybe use a crash course too. Confession time: Not all those who are or seem inactive are by choice. Some of us work or live too far away from our local organization to volunteer so we do the next best thing: Write blog posts, tweet, share important articles via Facebook, sign petitions. But, the thing is, we should be able to be more involved.

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Remembering Bonnie
January 6, 2012

First and foremost, what I remember about Bonnie is that she was persistent and for that, I am so very grateful. During the summers of 2006, 2007 and 2008, my stepfather drove me to work every morning, and every morning he asked me the same question: what do you want to do (with your life)? Every morning I would give one unsatisfactory answer after the other, eventually defaulting to "I don't know," although I knew I wanted to do something AIDS-related, study sociology, and write. My indecision somehow led to me enroll in career college in November of 2008 to become an office assistant because, as my stepfather said, I had to do something.

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Beyond the Bad News: Highlights of 2011
December 15, 2011

Sometimes I feel like the bearer of bad news. It's not a job I chose, but it is one I do well -- maybe the disproportionate amount of bad news that flows into my inbox daily has something to do with it. But I do delight in sharing the good news -- even if it doesn't come as easily. So here is my list of some of the good, and downright awesome, highlights this year.

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The Conversation You Should Be Having on World AIDS Day
November 23, 2011

One of my favorite lines from the musical Rent comes from "La Vie Boheme": "To people living with, living with, not dying from disease." I love the idea of people living well with HIV/AIDS, and seeing this concept in action every day online and off is amazing. AIDS is no longer the death sentence it seemed to me to be when I was in the sixth grade.

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Notes for a Young Activist
October 28, 2011

This summer I had an awesome experience. Back in early 2010 I decided that when I got on permanent at my day job I wanted to go on a real vacation, something I had never been able to do in my adult life. So this year when it was a "sure thing" I e-mailed Olivia from and said, "Can we meet?!" To which she replied, with her characteristic enthusiasm which has been so valuable to me since I started blogging for, "Of course!"

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My Birthday Wish List
August 19, 2011

As children we are taught that if we tell our birthday wish(es) it won't come true, but as an adult, I believe the opposite is true: If we don't tell our wishes they won't come true ... people aren't psychic after all. My birthday is in a few days, so with that in mind I want to share my wish list with all of you in hopes that you can help make some of my wishes come true:

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The Guilt Myth
August 4, 2011

My very Christian friend won't pray for my friend with AIDS who is currently going through a rough time medically. Yes, I am pissed off. This is a person who will pray -- without hesitation -- for a man with lung cancer who smoked a pack a day (or more) since the age of 12 and is now sixty-odd. But because to my Christian friend's mind anyway, my friend had to have done something to get AIDS, s/he will not pray for him/her. Where's the logic in that one?

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Flaming Red

Aless Piper

Aless Piper

Aless Piper is a 20-something office assistant by day, world-changer by night. She is a voracious reader, and addicted to iced caramel correttos from her favorite coffee shop. She has been reading for more than half her life.

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