HIV News & Views, October 14, 2010
October 14, 2010
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Justin B. Terry-Smith You Are Not Alone: Justin B. Terry-Smith's Message for LGBT Youths
"Many of these beautiful young people are committing suicide because of bullying in school," Justin B. Terry-Smith says in his latest video blog. "In middle school I tried to commit suicide because of pressures at school. ... Now I have a chance to do something, to help others that are going through the very same abuse."

Virtual You Virtual You: Online Dating Tips for People With HIV
Finding that special someone can be tricky if you have HIV. How do you meet other compatible people who are comfortable with your status (and you with theirs)? Online dating can be a great way to meet like-minded people -- but what you put in your online profile is key. Brett Grodeck offers a primer in this article from Positively Aware.

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Susan (From Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.) on "Put an End to Your Fears, Stop Googling, and Go Get Tested"
(Comment posted Oct. 12)

"If I did not know better, I would think the article was mine. ... I finally did the big girl thing and got tested about one year ago! What a horrible time in my life. I wanted to die before the results came out. I planned my funeral. I finalized my will. That was before I educated myself about HIV/AIDS. It took me about eight months to get up the nerves to request my HIV results. They were negative."

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 HIV and the Recession: Living Well in Tough Times
"In the midst of a recession, grappling with the devastating stress of layoffs, lost health insurance, and reduced work hours -- not to mention what those stressors can do to viral loads and CD4 cell counts -- there is help and hope," Heather Boerner writes for the San Francisco AIDS Foundation. "It is possible to make your health a top priority, even as you navigate the unknowns of the current economic downturn."

 Yoga for What Ails You
We talk all the time about the health benefits of HIV medications -- and rightly so. But there's more to maintaining good health than popping pills, particularly when it comes to managing stress and high blood pressure. As this article from Being Alive explains, adding a little yoga to your life could potentially benefit your heart health.

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Starting Meds Tomorrow, but I'm Scared!
(A recent post from the "Treatment" board)

Well, I am starting meds tomorrow. I have been positive for a couple of years, and numbers have been great: CD4 around 600 and viral load of 2,000-4,000. I am a little scared about starting the meds -- scared of the side effects -- but I am going to start now at the recommendation of my doctor. I am going to be on Isentress [raltegravir] and Truvada [tenofovir/FTC]. Anyone have any advice?

-- mspguy

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Oprah Oprah Misses the Mark on HIV/AIDS ... Again
"Oprah Winfrey devoted the Oct. 7 episode of her talk show to HIV/AIDS. But instead of it being about anything substantial, eye-opening or educational, Winfrey decided to focus on issues that distort the epidemic," writes's news editor Kellee Terrell. (Photo credit: Alan Light)

Gary Bell HIV's Ancestor May Date Back Tens of Thousands of Years, Study Says
"Despite the persistent myth that HIV was a man-made disease, unleashed upon the unsuspecting, disenfranchised of our society (read: gays and blacks), now comes more evidence that it may have been present in monkeys and apes for a millennia," writes blogger and HIV/AIDS educator Gary Bell.

Tyler Crone The "Gender Problem" in HIV Policy Making: No Women at the Table
If the face of the global epidemic is largely female, why are so few women involved in crucial decision making? News Editor Kellee Terrell sits down with ATHENA Network's Tyler Crone to discuss how sexism plays a role in HIV policy making and what can be done to ensure that more positive women get a seat at the table.

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Ed Perlmutter "When I'm Right, I'm Right": Ed Perlmutter, Poster Boy for Routine HIV Testing
"I can't believe no one offered me an HIV test," Ed Perlmutter marvels. He coped with several serious, unexplained illnesses for a year and a half -- and not once did a doctor suggest an HIV test. When he was finally diagnosed, his CD4 count was 60. In his first blog entry for, Ed shares how his experiences turned him into a fierce activist for routine, opt-out HIV testing.

 New U.S. Sex Survey Reveals Low Rates of Condom Use
The U.S.'s most comprehensive national sexual behavior survey in more than a decade has uncovered some depressing numbers regarding how often Americans use condoms during sex.

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