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Women With HIV Deserve Abortion Coverage: Tell the White House!

October 5, 2010

Positive Women's NetworkHealth care reform was passed to help women living with pre-existing conditions like HIV access health insurance that covers the care we need at premiums we can afford. The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is getting ready to help states implement Pre-existing Condition Insurance Plans across the nation -- a huge stride in increasing access to care for all people and especially women living with HIV.

But sadly, the Obama administration has chosen to impose a complete restriction on access to abortion for people covered by the new Pre-existing Condition Insurance Plans, except in cases of rape or incest, or where the life of the woman would be endangered. This violation of women's sexual and reproductive health rights is neither mandated by the new health care reform law, nor by any other federal laws and regulations.

The U.S. Positive Women's Network and the Center for Women & HIV Advocacy at the HIV Law Project, in partnership with other organizations serving women living with HIV submitted official comments to HHS demanding that this restriction on abortion be removed. Read the complete comments at:

Now our allies in the struggle for women's reproductive health and rights, Raising Women's Voices, are asking all of us to tell President Obama: Health insurance should safeguard women's health, not ban abortion coverage!

From Raising Women's Voices

This time, we're targeting the White House. We need you to take action!

Cancer, kidney disease, heart disease, multiple sclerosis ... these are just a few of the serious medical conditions that can complicate a pregnancy and force families to make heart-wrenching decisions. Click on the image to watch a video that tells the real stories of real uninsured women who have needed abortions to safeguard their health.

Health care reform was supposed to help women with high-risk medical conditions by providing affordable coverage through new Pre-existing Condition Insurance Plans. But, the White House and HHS -- with no legal requirement to do so -- imposed the Stupak abortion ban on this insurance coverage. This means women with serious medical conditions can get abortion coverage only for life endangerment, rape or incest -- not to safeguard a woman's health!

We defeated the Stupak abortion ban in Congress, and we must defeat it now! We cannot let the White House play politics with the health of women who have serious medical conditions.

Tell President Obama: Health insurance should safeguard women's health, not ban abortion coverage!

-- Raising Women's Voices in collaboration with Physicians for Reproductive Choice and Health, National Network of Abortion Funds, Reproductive Health Technologies Project and Words of Choice.

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