HIV News & Views, September 23, 2010
September 23, 2010
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Stella Rivers-Goolsby Stella's Journey: The Silent Impact of Domestic Violence on Women
"[My mother] had nine kids by eight different men, one of whom sexually abused all of us. But I understand now that she couldn't protect us," says HIV/AIDS outreach worker Stella Rivers-Goolsby. Rivers-Goolsby opens up to Positively Aware about the sexual abuse she endured in her childhood, and explains how gender inequality and cultural taboos make it difficult for abuse victims to get support.

Richard Cordova III Richard Cordova III Wants More Than Just a "Full and Active Life"
"Living with HIV is more than just physically living with it," writes Richard Cordova III in his latest blog entry. Although Richard was diagnosed with a very low CD4 count, his medical needs were quickly taken care of. But that was only part of the story, he explains: "Emotionally and spiritually, I was so far ungrounded, I was practically in outer space."

Robert Cohen Robert Cohen: Confessions of a Long-Term HIV Nonprogressor
Being diagnosed in 1986 in San Francisco -- the epicenter of the epidemic at that time -- Robert Cohen was convinced that he was going to die. He watched so many of his friends pass away, yet he stayed healthy and undetectable over the years, not knowing why. "I have friends who buy a lottery ticket every Saturday. I usually don't buy one," he says in this video interview. "I've already won the lottery. It's not money. It's something much more precious."

talking HIV in NYC

The Other City Join us tonight -- Thursday, Sept. 23 -- at Clearview Chelsea Cinema in New York City! Tonight is your last chance to watch The Other City, a stark, honest and brutal-yet-inspiring film about HIV/AIDS in U.S. inner cities. Immediately following the 7 p.m. screening, will host a Q & A panel discussion with local experts and leaders in the HIV/AIDS community. We hope to see you there! (If you can't buy tickets online, there may still be some tickets available by phone or at the theater box office.)

If you're in Chicago or Los Angeles, The Other City is coming to you next. Visit the film's official site for more info, and read our interview with the filmmakers to learn more about the documentary.


 What Do Women Need to Know About HIV?
In the U.S. today, more than a quarter of all people living with HIV are female, but we still know surprisingly little about how HIV and HIV treatment affect women in particular. This overview from The Well Project reviews the info we know to date, including a discussion of why women often start HIV treatment late and how HIV itself may impact women differently.

 A Slice of Reyataz, but Hold the Norvir
Switching from a regimen containing Reyataz (atazanavir) boosted with Norvir (ritonavir) to a regimen that cuts out the Norvir doesn't hurt the regimen's effectiveness, doesn't compromise its safety and may even improve lipid levels, according to 120-week results from a study presented at a recent research conference.

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Neuropathy and Insomnia: Perfect Together
(A recent post from the "Living With HIV" board)

I'm 40 years old, and was diagnosed 11 years ago. I've had few HIV-related problems, but in the past two weeks I've begun having severe pain in my hands/fingers. My numbers are all good, and my doctor has me on Neurontin, which has helped a lot, but the past few days have been really bad again. ...

It's all getting frustrating and very overwhelming. Money is tight right now and my insurance has high co-pays, especially for the specialists. I'm also moving next weekend so having to pack and such isn't helping the situation much.

Anyway, I'm up tonight because I can't sleep. The pain is really bad and a few of my fingers and the palms of my hands have become sensitive to touch. So I just thought I'd vent, and introduce myself.

-- wonderboyny

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Kellee Terrell Who's Gonna Stand Up to AIDS in America?
"Let's keep it real," says Kellee Terrell,'s news editor. "If this disease was killing straight, rich, white men at the same rate that it's killing women of color and gay men, HIV PSAs and antiretroviral ads would saturate Sunday Night Football the same way that beer and erectile dysfunction commercials do."

Myles Helfand HIV/AIDS: A New First Impression
"That first impression [of HIV/AIDS] persists to this day," writes's editorial director Myles Helfand. "It's a twisted, tightened, pulsing knot of assumption, judgment, fear and moral superiority, and it lies at the core of our society's willful ignorance of HIV and intolerance of those who have it."

 U.S. Senate Nominee Christine O'Donnell on HIV Funding: Less Is More
Whether you're political or not, you can't help but notice some of the things that have been said by Republican U.S. Senate nominee Christine O'Donnell of Delaware. Last week, a C-SPAN video surfaced of her in 1997, in which she suggested that the federal government spent too much money on HIV/AIDS -- and added that AIDS was the result of a person's lifestyle choice.

 U.S. Gay Men's HIV/AIDS Awareness Day Is Coming -- But Why?
"Many of us in the HIV/AIDS community (and some people beyond this circle) well know that gay men have been longtime leaders in calling for an effective nationwide response to this epidemic," writes Stephen Bailous in an blog. "So why in 2010 does the National Association of People with AIDS (NAPWA) call for the observance of National Gay Men's HIV/AIDS Awareness Day [on Sept. 27]?"

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Nurra (From New York) on "Even Among Long-Term HIV Nonprogressors, Some Signs of Heightened Cardiovascular Risk Exist, U.S. Study Finds"
(Comment posted Sept. 7)

"I am sorry, it is difficult for me to believe that with the known risk of HIV antivirals on the cardiovascular, metabolic (diabetes) system and lipids that people who are not taking HIV antivirals would be at higher or increased risk. This sounds like a sales pitch for pharmaceuticals. This goes against the research and known facts that are already out there."

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microbides aplicator Questions and Answers: Microbicides
Microbicides have been making headlines recently as a possible new HIV prevention tool -- one that puts the power of prevention in the hands of the receptive partner during sex. But what actually are microbicides, and how do they work? Our partners at The Well Project have the answers. (Photo: CAPRISA)

Lisa Bowleg, Ph.D. What's Missing From HIV Prevention Strategies? Straight, Black Men, Expert Says
"Why are our expectations for black, heterosexual men so chillingly low or nonexistent when it comes to HIV prevention?" asks Lisa Bowleg, Ph.D. In this Q&A with the Black AIDS Institute, she talks about her recent examination of the role of straight African-American men in HIV education, and what the findings mean for HIV prevention in black communities.

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