HIV News & Views, September 9, 2010
September 9, 2010
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Scott Simpson Scott Simpson, Ironman: Never Give Up
Blogger Scott Simpson has a message to deliver. "To that guy who ... commented on one of my previous blog entries that I wouldn't [or] couldn't succeed and finish an Ironman: I've got a finisher's medal you can suck on. Meow." In his latest entry, Scott provides a gripping blow-by-blow of his big day -- and evening, and night -- and the gruesome aftermath.

Ibrahim HIV Positive and Muslim: Salamu-Alaikum From Ibrahim
"I have met some other guys who came along with their Poz identity and chose it over their Middle Eastern one, but for me, I am trying to hold to both at the same time," writes Ibrahim,'s newest blogger. In his first entry, he talks about his struggle to balance his existence as a Muslim, an HIVer and a man from the Middle East living in the U.S.

Philip D. Philip D.: Depression, HIV and Me
"After several sessions with a therapist who asked me some pretty tough questions that I didn't have the answers to, I then looked myself in the mirror and asked: What else have you been using HIV as an excuse for?" In his latest entry, blogger Philip D. asks himself tough questions about the role of HIV in his struggle with depression.

a day with hiv

What Does It Mean to Live With HIV in the U.S.?

camera Whether you're positive or negative, we're all affected by HIV. On Sept. 21, take a snapshot of a moment from your everyday life and send it to our content partners at Positively Aware. Selected photos will appear in a special section of the Positively Aware World AIDS Day issue.

It's all part of our community's ongoing effort to wipe out the stigma of living with HIV. Break out your cameras (or mobile phones) on Sept. 21 and join the effort! Click here for more info on how to take part.

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 Anal Cancer and HIV: The Need to Screen
With anal cancer rates rising among people with HIV, it's imperative that we better understand who's most at risk (hint: it's not just gay men) and how to test for it. In this article from GMHC Treatment Issues, Timothy Wilkin, M.D., provides some details of anal cancer screening, with a focus on the prevention and treatment of anal lesions that can potentially develop into cancer.

 Putting HIV/AIDS Care in Context: Why a Person's Culture Matters
No matter where we come from, culture affects how we talk about sensitive topics like sex, stigma and health. Since HIV affects such a wide variety of people, "cultural competency" -- getting to know a person's culture while respecting his or her individuality -- is particularly crucial, reports Achieve.

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H. Lee (From Bangkok, Thailand) on "Sex While HIV Positive: The New Criminals"
(Comment posted Sept. 7)

"Anyone who knows they have HIV owes a duty of care to the people around them should a circumstance arise where they might pass it on. ... I think if it could be shown they should reasonably have known (e.g. sores, known previous positive partners, etc.), then that's their negligence in not checking. Logically, similar should apply for hep, herpes, STDs, warts ... rather than using that in reverse as a reason NOT to have to say something for HIV."

Read the rest of H. Lee's comment and join the discussion on this article!


Justin B. Terry-Smith The Scarlet Letters: Justin B. Terry-Smith on Proposal to Put HIV Status on D.C. Driver's Licenses
Washington, D.C., mayoral candidate Leo Alexander has proposed requiring the city's Department of Motor Vehicles to test everyone for HIV -- and then put the results of that test on the person's driver's license. In his latest video blog, Justin B. Terry-Smith expresses his outrage: "That is probably one of the most ignorant things I've almost ever heard. ... Being HIV positive already has enough stigma to it."

 After the Quake, HIV Prevention in Haiti Takes a Step Backwards
Six months after the earthquake in Haiti, workers have cleared away less than 5 percent of the rubble. But rebuilding isn't the only problem: Natural disasters can leave regions vulnerable to skyrocketing HIV rates. This article from Housing Works takes a look at the situation in Haiti now, and what is -- and isn't -- being done to help.

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Dr. Bob Dr. Bob: The Whys and Wherefores of HIV/AIDS Anxiety
"Why do some folks develop irrational fears such as AIDS phobia while most folks just experience routine normal fear?" asks Bob Frascino, M.D. -- also known as "Dr. Bob" from's "Ask the Experts" forum on HIV prevention. In his latest blog entry, Dr. Bob delves into the reasons behind HIV/AIDS anxiety by looking at some of the questions he's answered in his forum.

  Oral Sex: What's the Real Risk?
HIV is much less likely to be transmitted through oral sex than anal or vaginal sex, but it's not a no-risk activity -- and other sexually transmitted diseases can be passed along through oral sex as well. How can you make sure to have oral sex safely? Our new content partner The Well Project has put together this helpful list of dos and don'ts for both men and women.

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