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Getting Ready to Start HIV Treatment
Part Three of Three in Project Inform's "What You Should Know About When to Start and What Meds to Use" Booklet

July 2011

Is Your Doctor Experienced in Treating HIV?

You will need to find a doctor who's able and willing to treat HIV, ideally one who already has experience with HIV and whose style works for you. Depending on how and where you get health care, you may not have many choices.


Experienced HIV doctors, due to the number of patients they see, usually keep up with recent developments in treating HIV. They also have a better sense of preventive health care. If you can, it's also important to find other doctors like gynecologists, eye doctors and dentists who have HIV experience.

Doctors with less or no HIV experience may need to consult resources that can help them provide the best medical care for you. This will take time, but resources are available that can help you and your doctor make informed decisions.

The WarmLine (National HIV Telephone Consultation Service) is staffed by experienced doctors and provides expert clinical advice to other medical professionals. It's available Monday–Friday, 8am–8pm, Eastern Time. (See number below.)

Many areas of the country have regional AIDS Education Training Centers that provide education programs for health providers who treat people with HIV.

Important Questions

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