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The Well Project is a non-profit organization whose mission is to change the course of the HIV/AIDS pandemic through a unique and comprehensive focus on women and girls. Since its founding in 2002 by leading HIV activist Dawn Averitt, The Well Project has become a recognized leader in the fight against HIV, leveraging technology to improve health outcomes and increase the quality of life for women and girls living with HIV. We achieve this by expanding access to HIV information, improving health literacy and education; providing community support and advocacy development; and advancing the research agenda through the following programs. includes:

HIV Treatment Advocacy and Leadership Development

The Well Project sponsors educational webinars and hosts HIV treatment advocacy and leadership development training for women living with HIV.

Women's Research Initiative on HIV/AIDS (WRI)

Established in 2003 to elevate, enhance, and expedite HIV treatment and prevention research on women and girls, and to identify gaps in clinical care and research.

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The Well Project relies on the generosity of individual donors, private foundations, and corporations to fund our programs and initiatives. With your support we can continue to provide access to life-saving information and a trusted support community, build a platform for advocacy and leadership development for women living with HIV, inform research for new treatments, promote better standards of care, and further public awareness. Please look here to find out more about why and how you can help.

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Phone: 1.888.616.WELL (9355)

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