HIV News & Views, August 12, 2010
August 12, 2010
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Terron J. Cook Thoughts From an HIV-Negative Condom-Hater
Each time he has unprotected sex with a man whose HIV status he doesn't know, Terron J. Cook asks himself: "What the f*** is wrong with you?" Terron, 31, is HIV negative and he's no "bug chaser," but he still knowingly puts himself at risk. In this highly personal article, Terron tries to pick apart the possible reasons behind his tightrope-walking sex life.

 The HIV Community's Auntie Mame: Remembering Judy Peabody
"Legend has it that we got our first government funding for AIDS research because [of] Judy," writes Paul Kawata, executive director of the National Minority AIDS Council. In this moving article, Paul remembers Judy Peabody, his friend and mentor, who passed away last month after more than 20 years devoted to the struggle against HIV/AIDS.

Robert Breining Robert Breining: Not Alone in the Fight
"When I hang out with other HIV-positive people, it reminds me that I am not alone. Sometimes ... I forget that," writes Robert Breining. Robert's latest blog entry recaps a gathering of activists from across the U.S. to discuss the country's AIDS Drug Assistance Program crisis. As important as the meeting itself was, Robert explains that some of its best moments for him were simply getting to meet other HIVers and activists.

aids 2010 roundup: gay men's issues

Since the HIV/AIDS epidemic first hit the U.S., it has deeply and disproportionately impacted the gay community. This year at the XVIII International AIDS Conference (AIDS 2010), the community of men who have sex with men (MSM) -- both U.S.-based and globally -- was a topic of serious conversation.

Click here for a thought-provoking roundup of MSM-related happenings, presentations and issues discussed at AIDS 2010, including:


 HIV and Inflammation: What Does It Mean?
Researchers have increasingly found signs that HIVers are developing health problems that appear linked to a condition called "inflammation." This easy-to-understand article breaks down research findings that shed light on how inflammation might impact the health of people with HIV.

 The "When to Start" Issue: How 500 Became the New 350
Late last year, a panel of HIV experts in the U.S. recommended that HIV-positive people start taking HIV medications if their CD4 count is below 500 -- a big jump from earlier recommendations, which suggested treatment for anyone with a CD4 count below 350. However, as treatment educator Mark Milano explains, the debate over when to start isn't quite over yet.

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 Why the California Gay Marriage Decision Matters to the HIV/AIDS Community
Why does legalizing gay marriage matter in the fight against HIV? "Maybe if we believe that we are equal, we will believe that our lives have value," writes Paul Kawata, head of the National Minority AIDS Council. "When your life has value, you are more likely to use a condom. When you are worth something, you are more likely to take your medications."

 Would President Wyclef Jean Make HIV/AIDS a Priority in Haiti?
With rumors spreading that Haitian-born, Brooklyn-bred hip-hop singer Wyclef Jean might run for Haiti's top political spot, the HIV/AIDS organization Housing Works ponders the question, "Can we trust a President Jean to push HIV/AIDS to the forefront of the nation's recovery plan?"

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Carl (From Toronto) on "The Cult of HIV Denialism"
(Comment posted Aug. 10)

"If you talk to any disease specialist, you will find that the patients with the most knowledge often do better, because they understand a great deal about what is going on and aren't afraid to be active participants, and ask critical questions. HIV science and treatment are no different. We all have the right to ask critical questions of the science behind our health care. You may well be happy being a vessel for received wisdom, but encouraging others to accept, uncritically, the science behind their health care is morally questionable indeed."

Read the rest of Carl's comment and join the discussion on this article!


 Who Needs an HIV Vaccine? 26% of Canadians Say, "Not Me"
Even a 100 percent effective HIV vaccine would likely be attractive to only three-quarters of Canadians, suggest the results of a recent study. One reason for rebuffing a vaccine, said a study co-author, is that many people believe they simply would have no need for one.

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