HIV News & Views, August 5, 2010
August 5, 2010
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Thomas DeLorenzo Thomas DeLorenzo: How a "Pre-Existing Condition" Ended My Law School Dreams
"Early last year, I finally decided to take the plunge," writes long-term HIV survivor Thomas DeLorenzo. "I had decided to go to law school and study health policy law. ... It was going to be my own gay, HIV-infused version of 'Mr. Smith Goes To Washington.'" Little did Thomas know: "The very reason that drove me to law school ... was the very thing that kept the door closed for me."

Enrique Franco  Enrique Franco: Is There "Something Greater" Out There?
"Is there a gigantic, magical entity pulling the strings on EVERYTHING we human beings do and say and meet and act out on?" Enrique Franco asks himself this age-old question in his latest blog entry. But the answer Enrique reaches -- and his vision for what God is -- may take a different form than others' ideas of a higher power.

"My Fabulous Disease" takes vienna

Mark S. King was in Vienna for AIDS 2010, and boy was he fabulous. Check out his video blogs from the conference and experience what it was like to be at the largest HIV meeting on the planet!

screen cap of one of Mark's videos
another screen cap of one of Mark's videos


 TMC278 (Rilpivirine) Approval Draws Near; Results Presented From Key Battle With Sustiva
Sustiva (Stocrin, efavirenz) is one of the most popular first-line HIV meds, but its risk of neurological side effects sometimes leaves HIVers seeking other options. An NNRTI in late-stage development, TMC278 (rilpivirine), appears firmly set on offering treatment-naive people a viable alternative.

 FDA Decision on Fat-Busting Drug Egrifta Delayed Until Fall
It was widely expected that July 27 would be the day that Egrifta (tesamorelin) became the first approved treatment for lipohypertrophy (unusual fat gain) in people with HIV. But the day came and went with no approval. What gives? takes a quick look at the possible reasons behind the delay.

 New Jersey Vows to Continue HIV Treatment for Hundreds Cut From State ADAP
New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie's administration has announced that nearly 1,000 residents who were to be cut from the AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP) on Aug. 1 would still be able to access treatment through a temporary program. Under Christie's budget, tighter income restrictions for ADAP clients were enacted in order to save an estimated $7.4 million.

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Amy Bell-May Standing Up for HIV Treatment Access in South Carolina
Amy Bell-May's CD4 count continued to drop. Her doctor told her it was time to start HIV meds -- but there was one big problem: She couldn't afford treatment on her own, and South Carolina's AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP) had started a waiting list. "Don't the legislators know that it costs less to treat this disease now instead of later, or do they just not care?" she asks.

HIV Denialism The Cult of HIV Denialism
"More is known about HIV than about any other virus," writes HIV/AIDS activist Jeanne Bergman, Ph.D. "And yet there are thousands of people who persistently reject these facts. ... The persistence of the HIV denialism can be understood if we view the movement as a kind of cult."

 Some U.S. Health Care Reform Changes Are Right Around the Corner
How quickly will U.S. health care reform begin to impact your life? Benefits counselor Jacques Chambers combs through the massive health care bill passed earlier this year and points out the bits that are most likely to affect the health care of Americans with HIV in the near future.

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Atripla Side Effects?
(A recent post from the "Living With HIV " board)

I just tested positive in June 2010, with a CD4 count of 255 and viral load at 225,000. I was put on Atripla (efavirenz/tenofovir/FTC) a few weeks ago, so I'm waiting for my next doctor's visit to see if my numbers improve. However, the Atripla makes me very sleepy and gives me a sort of high feeling, so I started taking it before bedtime, which has helped a lot. I'm also fighting a dental infection. I've felt out of breath, dizzy at times and tired. I was given penicillin so hopefully I will start to feel better soon. Are these also side effects of Atripla or is it just my body fighting off the tooth infection? -- Timothykc

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 HIV and Gay Men: A Global Concern
"In the grand discussion of who needs comprehensive health care ... gay men and other men who have sex with men (MSM) were conspicuously absent," reads an editorial in the HIV/AIDS magazine Achieve. "The health of gay men has historically been ignored, even during times of major public health crisis."

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