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July 22, 2010
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HIV NEWS & VIEWS is on the scene at the XVIII International AIDS Conference (AIDS 2010) in Vienna, Austria. We're here bringing you highlights, blog entries, videos, interviews and much more -- as well as a daily rundown of underreported stories and the latest buzz from bloggers, Twitterers and other personalities on the Web. It's all available from our AIDS 2010 home page -- stop by and take a look!

 Protesters Open AIDS 2010 With Venom Toward U.S. and President Obama
With a special rancor reserved for the U.S. and President Barack Obama, hundreds of HIV/AIDS activists and people living with HIV marched en masse through Vienna's Messe Wien conference center at the start of AIDS 2010, demanding more money for AIDS funding.

Gary Bell How Much Slack Should Activists Give Obama? Thoughts on Bill Clinton's Speech at AIDS 2010
"Day two of the International AIDS Conference of 2010 began with a bang: an address at the opening plenary by former president Bill Clinton," writes HIV advocate Gary Bell. "I acknowledge that my respect for Bill Clinton had dwindled as a result of his tactics in campaigning for his wife Hillary against [Barack] Obama. Therefore, I was even more pleased to hear his common sense defense of President Obama."

Svetlana Antoniak Where HIV Care Is Rare and Precious, 4,000 May Be About to Lose It
One of the 30,000 people in Vienna for AIDS 2010 is Svetlana Antoniak. The vivid gleam in her eyes is offset by a face that has become drawn from exhaustion and worry. Antoniak looks soulworn, and no wonder: She's the head of one of Eastern Europe's most successful HIV/AIDS clinics. And it may be about to die.

"My Fabulous Disease" takes vienna

Mark S. King is in Vienna for AIDS 2010, and boy is he fabulous. Check out his video blogs from the conference and experience what it's like to be at the largest HIV meeting on the planet!


 Study Finds Microbicide Containing HIV Drug Lowers Infection Risk in Women by 39%
For the first time, a microbicide gel containing an HIV medication has been found to have some protective effect against HIV -- and even more protective effect against genital herpes. Although the findings are only preliminary and the gel faces years of additional study, the gel's success still represents a huge step in the development of an HIV prevention method that puts the receptive partner in control during sex.

 HIV/AIDS Vaccine Experts Discuss Hopes and Fears for the Future of Vaccine Development
Before AIDS 2010 had even officially begun, some of the luminaries in the HIV/AIDS vaccine field gathered to talk about how bright and bubbly the future looks for vaccine development. All right, it wasn't quite that simple. In fact, a whiplash-inducing change in the vaccine climate has left the field in a precarious position: There's suddenly a lot of excitement, but apparently not a lot of unified direction.

 The Man That AIDS Forgot: Safe-Sex Architect Richard Berkowitz
Blogger Mark S. King discusses the sometimes forgotten and shunned Richard Berkowitz, one of the founding fathers of the "safe sex" concept. King explores Berkowtiz's legacy and the obstacles he faced in the early 1980s when he asserted that the promiscuous lifestyles of some gay men were fueling the HIV/AIDS epidemic.

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Treatment Newbie, but Already Been Through Two Regimens -- Need Advice!
(A recent post from the "Living With HIV" board)

I recently started meds, but had bad reactions to my first two regimens, which were Truvada and Sustiva, then Truvada, Reyataz and Norvir. I've had to take a six-week break to build up strength for my new regimen, which will be Isentress, Truvada and Reyataz. Can someone please share their experiences taking these meds?

-- sweetvanilla27

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fogcityjohn Fogcityjohn: Mask, or, Losing Face: My Battle With Lipoatrophy
Three years of PMMA injections restored fogcityjohn's face -- but it's not the face he remembers. "In some ways, my new face is 'better' than the one it replaced," he writes in his latest blog entry. "But while this treatment has masked my illness, it can't restore to me the thing I've lost -- my image of myself."

Robert Breining  HIV in Contact Sports: Is There a Risk?
Recently, blogger and soccer enthusiast Robert Breining found himself back on the pitch after a three-year break from the sport. In one of his games, he was fouled and fell hard on his face. He got up to discover that he was bleeding. As educated and reasonable about HIV transmission as Robert is, he couldn't help but start thinking anew about HIV disclosure in sports.

 Confessions of a Conference Newbie
"AIDS 2010 has brought me a couple of incredible firsts: It's my first AIDS conference, and it's my first time traveling abroad," writes's site manager, Becky Allen. "Either of those things on its own would be overwhelming, but 'overwhelming' doesn't quite cover it. ... I thought I was prepared. I really, really wasn't."


 An Anti-Inflammation Antiretroviral? Meet the CCR5/CCR2 Antagonist TBR-652
When it comes to health problems in people with HIV, inflammation is the flavor of the day. In the case of TBR-652, a CCR5 inhibitor in the earliest stages of testing in humans, that's an awfully good thing. What sets TBR-652 apart from other CCR5 inhibitors -- heck, all other antiretrovirals on the market today -- is that it's also designed specifically to block another receptor, CCR2, that's been tied to inflammation.

 Profound Discoveries From Around the World on HIV Controllers and Long-Term Nonprogressors
"In the many years I've been following developments on this field, I've never seen as many abstracts or so many countries contribute ... to the body of knowledge being accumulated on [HIV controllers and long-term nonprogressors]," writes Loreen Willenberg. In a series of blog entries, Willenberg reviews research from AIDS 2010 on the small minority of HIV-positive people who control the virus in as-yet-unexplained ways, without antiretroviral therapy.

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