HIV News & Views, July 1, 2010
July 1, 2010
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ScotCharles ScotCharles' Journey to Pride: The Storm Before the Calm
What was being gay like before all the pride? Well, for ScotCharles, there was plenty of guilt, shame, trips to psychiatrists, antipsychotic drugs, an attempted suicide ... you get the idea. In his latest blog entry, ScotCharles recalls his difficulties growing up gay in the 1960s and the saving grace that turned it all around.

Robyn Pardy A Mom With HIV Decides It's Time to End the Silence
"For a large part of my life, I had lived in silence -- it was my coping mechanism," says Robyn Pardy. "However, with my diagnosis, I knew silence wasn't going to work. I needed to talk about it." In this column, the longtime HIV survivor and mother of two (both kids are negative) talks about her long road to acceptance -- and activism.

Dr. Bob Frascino In Sickness and in Health: The Story of Dr. Bob and Dr. Steve's Magnetic Matrimony
"Can a mixed-serostatus couple find happily-ever-after marital bliss?" asks Bob Frascino, M.D. The answer is clearly "YES!" for Dr. Bob and his partner, Steve Natterstad, M.D. In his latest blog entry, Dr. Bob recounts how, after 15 years together, he and Steve finally "made it legal" in California on Halloween 2008 -- just days before Proposition 8 removed the right for same-sex couples to marry in the state.

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How Do I Deal With Losing a Loved One?
(A recent post from the "My Loved One Has HIV" board)

"I lost my uncle last week. He was diagnosed with HIV 15 years ago. He treated me like his own daughter. I just hate to think of how he suffered. The worst part is that he didn't want me to see him because he knew it would've broken my heart. I feel a bit lost since I have never lost anyone that I loved before and I didn't get to say goodbye. If anyone has any advice, I would love to hear it. I still can't believe I'll never see him again." -- Sally123

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Vitamins and Supplements An Introduction to Dietary Supplements for People Living With HIV/AIDS
It's a critical but often-overlooked aspect of maintaining your health: ensuring your body maintains optimal levels of key nutrients. In this new overview from's team, we answer a few common questions about vitamins and supplements for people with HIV/AIDS, and provide quick introductions to some of the more popular supplements that HIV-positive people take.

 South Africa Reports Successful Kidney Transplants Between HIV-Positive People
A South African report of successful kidney transplants from HIV-positive donors to HIV-positive recipients is sparking renewed interest in offering such procedures in the United States.

 First Rapid Hepatitis C Test Is Approved in U.S.
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved the first rapid-result blood test for the hepatitis C virus. Unlike existing hep C tests, the OraQuick test strip delivers results in 20 minutes (much like the OraQuick rapid HIV blood test) and does not need to be processed by a laboratory.

HIV/AIDS Resource Center for Gay Men

HIV/AIDS Resource Center for Gay MenAre you a man who's into other men? Are you looking for a safe, trusted place to find HIV/AIDS information that was created with you in mind?'s new HIV/AIDS Resource Center for Gay Men contains a vast collection of basic info, first-person stories, expert tips and podcasts on issues of importance to gay and bisexual men, same-gender loving men and men who have sex with men (MSM).


 ADAP Watch: Waiting Lists Reach 1,840 Nationwide, an All-Time High
AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP) waiting lists are breaking records we hoped would never be broken. But a multitude of program cuts in many states may wreak even more havoc on low-income HIVers in need of medications.

 As Pride Month Closes, President Obama Vows to Make Progress on LGBT Issues
"Change never comes, or at least never begins, in Washington. It begins with acts of compassion -- and sometimes defiance -- across America," President Obama said at the White House LGBT Pride Month Reception on June 22. In this video, President Obama speaks about his administration's promises to the LGBT community.

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Mark S. King Mark S. King: Don't Fear That HIV Test -- or Those HIV Meds
"If you are so afraid of HIV test results that you avoid testing, fate may well teach you the meaning of irony," warns long-term HIV survivor Mark S. King. "And if you ignore the advances in HIV/AIDS treatment, you're living in 1987. You may die like it, too."

Marc Kolman Why Are HIV Rates in the U.S. South So High?
In 2005, half of all deaths from AIDS in the U.S. happened in the southeastern part of the country. In this blog entry, public health professional and HIV advocate Marc Kolman presents 10 possible reasons why the U.S. south is so hard-hit by the HIV/AIDS epidemic.

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