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Up Close & Personal

Find inspiration in these first-person stories about gay men living with HIV/AIDS. In the personal profiles, exclusive columns and blog entries below, you can get firsthand knowledge about dating and sex, substance abuse, homophobia, disclosure, religion, coming out, self-esteem, growing older and much more.

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Personal Profiles

Eric Leonardos In Life After Reality TV, Eric Leonardos Brings His Charm to Countering HIV Stigma
"The work to see people living with HIV as normal and equal to others will be my most important area of focus until it changes," vows Eric Leonardos.

Josh Robbins This Positive Life: Newly Living With HIV, Josh Robbins Is "Still Josh" -- And Still an Advocate
Josh Robbins was already an HIV advocate in Nashville, Tenn., when he was himself diagnosed with HIV in January 2012. He'd supported local HIV organizations' events as a small-business owner, and was even part of an HIV vaccine study. Then a brief unprotected sexual encounter put him on the other side of his advocacy activities.

Gil Kudrin This Positive Life: A Trailblazer Still Marches Forward
Gil Kudrin grew up with HIV -- he was diagnosed in the early '80s at only 18 years old -- and has outlived many of his peers. At 53 years old, he has marched with ACT UP, helped found Nightsweats & T-Cells (which employs HIV-positive people and gives them work skills and experience) and has raised two young, homeless boys as his own sons.

Jake Ketchum This Positive Life: An Interview With Jake Ketchum
Jake Ketchum got his HIV diagnosis in 1998 at a routine check-up right before the birth of his daughter -- and it was a big surprise. His then fiancée, Becky, was there to support him, and he claims to this day that his daughter saved his life and continues to motivate him to fight. Jake's dating pool prior to his marriage had included men; it was no different after he and Becky divorced, but now dating meant facing disclosure.

Tim Brown This Positive Life: An Interview With Timothy Brown
Timothy Brown, the first person in the world to be cured of HIV, is soft-spoken and kind -- but unswerving in his dedication to finding a way to cure everyone. Watch Timothy open up about the joys and frustrations of being the famed "Berlin Patient."


thumbnail image for blurb Finally! The Sexy Gay PrEP Video We've Been Waiting For.
Chris Tipton-King has created a fun gay PrEP video series that's informative, naughty and a total blast.

thumbnail image for blurb Lessons George Michael Taught Me
In the middle of the AIDS crisis, when everyone was telling us that sex was deadly and scary, George Michael was saying that "sex is natural, sex is and good," remembers Charles Sanchez.

thumbnail image for blurb HIV, PrEP, Gay Black Men and the Choice Gap
Prevention activist Justin Lofton says that HIV agencies aren't doing enough to tell clients about PrEP. And that's a problem.

Columns and Blog Entries

Philip D.

By Philip D.

I think it's safe to say that whenever I start a sentence, "Mom and Dad, I've got something I need to tell you both," they brace themselves for just about anything that might come out of my mouth. My life has, if nothing else, been decorated with a few stunning, life-changing "plot twists," and those two special people have seen me through each one, no matter what.

I know what some of you must be thinking: Is this guy for real? He tells us he's got a loving partner, a stellar physician, a cute dog, has angels dropping in left and right, is strangely grateful to have HIV, and now wants us to believe that his parents are amazing as well?


I Am HIV Positive and I Don't Blame Anybody -- Including Myself
By Kirk Grisham

I am HIV positive, and I don't blame anybody for it -- not myself or anybody else.

He didn't rape me and he did not trick me. It was through our unprotected sex that I became HIV positive. Since seroconverting, I have been very conscious of the language I use to discuss transmission, particularly my own. To say "he gave me HIV" obscures the truth, it was through a mutual act, consensual sex, that I became HIV positive.


Jimmy Mack

Outed With Love
By Jimmy Mack

My name is Jimmy Mack and I was born gay and an alcoholic. I always knew I was gay, in the same way any heterosexual person will tell you they always knew they were straight. To this day, it offends me when people say "sexual preference" -- as if it was a choice -- to which I always say: "Why in the world would I choose to be part of a group that it is still socially and politically acceptable to discriminate against?"

My sexual identity is gay and although I've had sex with women, I prefer not to. So my sexual preference is not to have sex with women; my sexual identity says I am programmed to have sex with men.


Brandon Lacy Campos

HIV and Crystal Meth: A Fairy Tale
By Brandon Lacy Campos

Crystal meth let me let go of my childhood and my HIV diagnosis, temporarily.

There are more details to this story, and, the story is still being written. But the truth remains that I am an addict, and I will be for the rest of my life. I have made the decision, today, to leave crystal meth behind. But it is always there, just out of sight, waiting for a moment of weakness or a desire to escape, and more than once, I have gone back to her arms only to find out that Ike is still there, bigger, buffer, and meaner than ever before.



"You Can't Handle the Truth!": Gay Men and HIV Education
By fogcityjohn

Why is so much more demanded of gay men? Why do so many fail to recognize that our sex lives aren't just matters of physical pleasure? Sex has deep emotional and psychological value to us. It's how we express love and achieve intimacy. So it pains me that HIV education sometimes treats gay men's sex lives almost as if they're superfluous.

This is especially hard for me to accept as an HIV-positive gay man, because I think sex may be even more important for poz guys than for gay men in general. The stigma of HIV infection can create feelings of unworthiness and undesirability in poz men. For those of us afflicted with such emotions, sex can be tremendously affirming and validating. It can serve as an antidote to the isolation caused by the disease.


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