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Brandon Lacy Campos

Queer, Poz and Colored: The Essentials

Uncovered: Human Need vs. Condoms
October 1, 2010

I think about sex quite often. Even before testing positive for HIV, I thought about sex, well, almost constantly. Whether it was the politics of sex, teaching my peers about sex positivity, deconstructing sex, looking for sex or having sex, I was (and still am) thinking about the various ways that sex impacts my life and our lives as humans.

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Pozitively Struggling
September 15, 2010

Living with HIV is a constant fucking struggle. It's a struggle against yourself and the internal tapes associated with being positive. It is a struggle to deal with stigma perceived or otherwise. It is a struggle to master fear and fear of rejection. It is a struggle to just live your life like any other human being does or gets to do.

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August 24, 2010

Over the last few years, I have heard, time and time and time again the phrase/question/query, "Are you HIV?"

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HIV and Crystal Meth: A Fairy Tale
June 23, 2010

Once upon a time, a young fairy -- and by fairy I mean queer -- man was in college. Like many of his magical kind, he had many many issues. As a child, he had survived intense physical abuse, he was a person of color living in the third whitest state in the country (right after New Hampshire and Vermont), he was from the poor side of the fairy train tracks, and in college he was sexually assaulted.

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GI Joe Needs to Go to Washington
June 12, 2010

In the 1980s cartoon G.I. Joe, COBRA Commander was a character with a mirror face, but when the mirror was removed, you found an evil snake like man-creature with a lisp and a penchant for all out drag queen temper tantrums. COBRA was an evil organization out the rule the world.

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Bebe Zahara Benet, Rakesh Satyal and Emanuel Xavier to Perform at Benefit for Words Without Borders
June 10, 2010

New York City, N.Y. -- Words without Borders (WWB) magazine announces the line-up for Queer is the World/Word, a benefit hosted by Therapy Lounge and featuring RuPaul's Drag Race winner Bebe Zahara Benet, Lambda Literary Award winner Rakesh Satyal, and actor, author, poet, director, and music artist Emanuel Xavier.

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Working Through It
June 7, 2010

So, it's after Friday night's exchange with my teammate, whose name I shall not use as he asked oh so politely that I not do so. And even though I would be completely justified in ignoring a request that was made so lovingly, I will go ahead and respect the request boxed inside the venom.

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Rough Night
June 5, 2010

It is 4:25am, and I am sitting at my desk working on not crying and chatting with a friend from junior high and high school on Facebook about the royally screwed up discrimination her daughter is experiencing in her Minneapolis suburb school district.

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Queer, Poz and Colored: The Essentials
June 1, 2010

My name is William Brandon Lacy Campos (talk about a heck-of-a-name). I was born and raised in Minnesota (bet you could guess that from my picture), though I had a bit of a nomadic childhood that took me to the Philippines and Missouri with stops back in Minnesota in between. My menu of ethnicities reads like the roster of member states at the UN.

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Sit With It
May 15, 2010

Right now, I am baking chicken wings, making brown rice, and trying to focus on the amazing amount of love that I have received over the last few days. Last night, I was reminded that God is out there, God is watching, and God forgives us even when we have a hard time forgiving ourselves and when others can't or won't.

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Queer, Poz and Colored: The Essentials

Brandon Lacy Campos

Brandon Lacy Campos

Brandon Lacy Campos is a 32-year-old queer, poz, African-American, Afro-Puerto Rican, Ojibwe and Euro (smorgasbord) poet, playwright, blogger, journalist and novelist (that last one is slowly coming along). In 2009, named him the #2 queer, Latino blogger to watch. In 2006, the Star Tribune named him a young policy wonk for his political shenanigans. His writing and poetry have appeared in numerous anthologies including, most recently, Mariposas, edited by Emanuel Xavier and published by Floricanto Press. This fall, his work will appear in the academic text Queer Twin Cities, published by the University of Minnesota Press. And, one of these days, Summerfolk Press will be publishing his first solo book of poetry: It Ain't Truth If It Doesn't Hurt. Brandon is hard at work on his first novel, Eden Lost, and he lives in New York City with his partner, artist David Berube, and his boss, Mimzy Lacy Berube de Campos (their dog).

It's with heavy hearts that we share that Brandon passed away unexpectedly on Friday, Nov. 9, 2012. He was 35 years old. Read memorials by Brandon's friends and colleagues.

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