HIV News & Views, May 13, 2010
May 13, 2010
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Tree Alexander Tree Alexander: Deciding When to Disclose
These days, Tree Alexander always discloses his HIV status early in a potential relationship. But that wasn't always the case. "When I started to date," he writes in his latest blog entry, "I wondered: Should I tell right away, should I tell on the third date, or should I wait until we are ready to take our relationship to the bedroom? Will they stay regardless?"

Marc Kolman Marc Kolman: Stigma Is Everyone's Responsibility
"We all suffer the results of stigma. When one person is targeted, it hurts the rest of us," writes Marc Kolman, M.S.P.H. "It therefore stands to reason that addressing stigma is everyone's responsibility." In this blog entry, Marc shares ideas on how people with HIV can deal with -- and fight back against -- the stigma that still pervades our society today.


GMHC Is a Crisis Unfolding at One of the U.S.'s Biggest HIV Organizations?
As thousands of New Yorkers gear up for the annual AIDS Walk in Manhattan on May 16, Gay Men's Health Crisis (GMHC) -- the main recipient of donations from the event -- has recently come under heavy criticism. A growing number of people are becoming concerned that GMHC's upcoming move will mean an end to many of the much-needed HIV prevention and treatment services that the agency has long offered.

 What Black Churches Can Do to Fight HIV-- And Why They Aren't Doing It
Why have so few African-American churches embraced fighting HIV/AIDS as a cause, when African Americans are so disproportionately affected by the virus? This critical overview from Achieve explores the many answers to that question -- from stigma to denial to misinformation -- and what churches can do to change for the better.

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Scott Simpson Scott Simpson: Sticking With the Side Effects You Know
As Scott Simpson returns to triathlon training after dealing with a mysterious five-week illness, he finds himself wondering whether it's worth the risk to switch HIV meds -- and, in the process, potentially switch to a new type of side effect. For instance, his current meds cause chronic nausea, but what if his new meds cause cognitive impairment? "I've learned to live with and manage the bouts of nausea for years," Scott writes in his latest blog entry, "and would much rather continue to deal with them than take a chance on getting stupider."

 Avexa Pulls the Plug on Apricitabine, a Pipeline NRTI
The HIV drug pipeline got a little bit thinner this week: Drugmaker Avexa has decided to stop development of apricitabine, an NRTI that had been in late-stage study. Early studies left researchers hopeful that apricitabine might help HIVers with resistance to other NRTIs, but according to this Avexa press release, a number of obstacles conspired to cause the drug's demise.

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Phill Wilson Breaking the Silence: Why Black Americans Need to Talk About HIV
"Talking is greater than silence," says Phill Wilson, the president and CEO of the Black AIDS Institute. As Wilson explains, nearly 50 percent of black Americans know someone with HIV/AIDS, but many are afraid to discuss it -- even though talking about HIV is the key to ending stigma and empowering people to get treatment.

Gary Bell  When an Old Bug Learns New Tricks: Gary Bell on the Gonorrhea "Superbug"
There's only one good thing about gonorrhea: It's curable. But how much longer will that be true? As with HIV and tuberculosis, emerging gonorrhea strains are resistant to drugs that have worked in the past. That's especially bad news for HIV prevention, since gonorrhea can increase a person's HIV risk and increase an HIV-positive person's risk of passing the virus to his or her partner.

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