April 22, 2010
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Dr. Bob Frascino Dr. Bob on Accepting the "New Normal": HIVers Are Aging
"Due to the miraculous success of potent combination antiretroviral therapy, we who are 'positively charged' are also living longer, joining AARP and buying Costco-sized bottles of Geritol," writes TheBody.com's Bob Frascino, M.D., in his latest blog entry. "It's time that virally enhanced Mrs. Robinsons and Silver Fox daddies remind the HIV/AIDS treatment establishment that we will comprise the majority of people living with HIV within the next decade."

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Tree Alexander Tree Alexander: Do I Have "Poz Pride"?
"Are you proud of your HIV status? Do you take pride in your incurable infectious disease?" TheBody.com blogger Tree Alexander has been asked those questions plenty of times since he began speaking publicly about living with HIV. His defensive reply is usually "YES!" But the last time he was asked, the question actually got him thinking: Is he really as proud as he always claims to be?

River Huston River Huston: Turning Self-Doubt Into Success
"The most dangerous place for me is in my own head," writes HIV-positive speaker, TheBody.com blogger and all-around Renaissance gal River Huston. "It's a bad neighborhood filled with all the criminal thoughts ... about how I will never succeed." But one thing living with HIV has taught River is how to shut out negative voices and take a risk. So after 35 years of dabbling in painting, she finally took the ultimate ego-testing plunge: trying to sell her artworks.

"TREAT YOURSELF NOW // In ways that / SAVE YOU // REACH OUT / and keep KNOCKING / until a BETTER door opens"

-- from "got it, now what," by Mike A. (part of Poetry Month at TheBody.com)


 Meet the HIV Drugs: A Comprehensive Guide
So many meds; so much to learn! If you've ever wished for a succinct, easy-to-understand series of fact sheets you could turn to for the most important information on every HIV medication approved in the U.S., seek no further: This excellent guide from Test Positive Aware Network has you covered.

 "Quad" Pill Enters Phase 3 Clinical Trials
The much-ballyhooed "quad" pill is taking the next step in its development: Late-stage clinical trials have just begun pitting the four-in-one HIV medication against Atripla to see how well the quad pill performs over 96 weeks. If the studies go well, they may pave the way toward the approval of the quad pill as a first-line HIV med in the U.S.

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I Tested Positive With a Low CD4 Count and I'm Freaking Out!
(A recent post from the "I Just Tested Positive " board)

"About a month ago, I went to the doctor to get tested with my boyfriend. I hadn't had a test in I don't know how long, which is the biggest mistake of my life, I now know. My CD4 count was 160 and viral load 200,000. Everyone keeps telling me I'm going to be fine and that things will change. I was put on meds immediately. Is anyone out there who has had levels similar to mine and has bounced back to healthy levels? I can't help but feel like the doctors are telling me what I want to hear to keep me happy. Am I crazy?" -- EMIA10132

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 Anal Sex, HIV Risk and Women: The Numbers Don't Lie
When most of us talk about having safer anal sex, it tends to be in the context of guys sleeping with other guys. Women often get the short end of the stick (ahem) -- and may be paying for it with higher HIV rates. A new report out of New York City suggests that women who receive anal sex from men usually fail to take protective measures even remotely as often as men who have sex with men do.

 Young, Black and Newly Positive? Five Things You Need to Know
"HIV is a noun, not an adjective. It does not describe or define who you are." HIV-positive author and speaker Marvelyn Brown knows a thing or two about coping with a diagnosis when you're a young African American. She put together this list of five key ideas for newly diagnosed people -- of any race, really -- to keep in mind as they move forward.

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 China: Release Activist on Medical Parole

 Women Living With HIV: Take a Survey on Sexual and Reproductive Health Services

 Tell HHS That Black Women Openly Living With HIV/AIDS Should Be Represented on PACHA

 Action Alert: Tell Congress You Support a Permanent Fix to Ryan White Housing Policy!

 Volunteer Doctors and Nurses Needed in Haiti Thru April 30, 2010