April 15, 2010
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Philip D. Philip D.: To the Man Who Taught Me How to Live With HIV
"It would be impossible to really tell the story about my experience with HIV and not mention you, the very best thing that came from all of 'this.'" So begins Philip D.'s love letter to his partner, John -- a longtime HIVer himself -- whom Philip met soon after he was diagnosed. "You certainly understood my new status," he remembers, "but more importantly, you demonstrated to me how to live with it, without letting it define me or limit what is possible."

Justin B. Terry-Smith Justin B. Terry-Smith: Acupuncture for HIV?
"I still take my pills every day, but I also believe in using other things" to manage HIV, says Justin B. Terry-Smith in his most recent video blog. Justin's been dealing with a lot of stress lately, so to combat it he decided to give acupuncture a try. He brought along his video camera to capture his first visit.

Mark S. King How One Woman, and One TV Show, Changed HIV/AIDS History
"In 1987, when nurses would still flip coins to see which would enter the room of an AIDS patient and politicians debated sending those with HIV to an isolated island, something truly remarkable happened," writes Mark S. King. "The passing Friday of the great Dixie Carter [of the '80s TV sitcom Designing Women], 70, is a fine opportunity to revisit the courage and integrity displayed during those dark times."

"HIV is not a virus / It is a motivator / Energy refresher / A battery charger / Smile / Heads high / Go fight / Live life / Make right / What sin made wrong / Take time / And make your life long"

-- from "HIV Is Not...," by Chakena "C.C." Conway (part of Poetry Month at TheBody.com)


 What Are the Greatest Challenges of HIV Treatment Today?
When it comes to talking about the realities of HIV treatment today, top HIV physician Cal Cohen, M.D., is no shrinking violet. In this recent discussion with Test Positive Aware Network's Jeff Berry, Dr. Cohen offers his unvarnished take on the most challenging (and frustrating) issues he faces as an HIV doctor trying to help his patients stay as healthy as possible.

 San Francisco Officially Recommends HIV Treatment for All Newly Diagnosed People
The city of San Francisco has updated its official HIV treatment guidelines, and the latest changes make them among the most progressive in the U.S. Public health officials in the city will now advise anyone newly diagnosed with HIV to begin taking HIV meds as soon as possible, regardless of their CD4 count or viral load.

 HIV Clinic to Reward Poorer HIVers for Taking Their Meds
A New Jersey doctor is hoping to boost treatment adherence among low-income people with HIV by using incentives. At a new clinic in East Orange, N.J., Stephen Smith is offering $25 grocery coupons to his patients if they take their meds as prescribed for three consecutive months. Smith estimates that well over 90 percent of suburbanites with HIV adhere to their treatment, while more than 90 percent of his poorer patients do not.

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How Do I Counter My Growing Fear of Rejection?
(A recent post from the "Gay Men" board)

"I find myself in a Groundhog's Day sort of pattern with my love life. And by love life I mean just that, actual love (not to be confused with sleeping around, which I don't do). Anyway, I'll meet someone, go out a few times, and then -- drum roll -- I'll tell them 'The News.' Then I'll get some version of 'it's not you, it's me' or some such speech, at which point, they'll say they 'still want to be friends.' ...

"I find myself being more of a hermit in the almost three years since I was diagnosed. I think I am getting afraid of the inevitable rejection that comes from dating while poz. Even if the potential relationship doesn't work out for other reasons, I can't help but to wonder if it would have worked out, if not for the HIV?" -- jemcd793

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