April 8, 2010
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Mark S. King Mark S. King: My AIDS Crisis Is Over
"I still respect this disease and know the misery it continues to inflict around the world," Mark S. King says. "But on some level, this gay David has lost his Goliath." Mark's latest video blog takes us to the South Florida AIDS Walk, where he speaks with a few of the new generation's walkers -- as well as Rep. Barney Frank, an openly gay U.S. congressman from Massachusetts -- and realizes that many HIV veterans like him no longer feel the same sense of urgency about HIV/AIDS they once did.

Sedona, AZ Enrique Franco Asks: Where Do You Find Your Serenity?
"I can be serene here in the desert," writes Enrique Franco of living in Arizona. "There are different places I travel to so that I can forget about having HIV." In this blog entry, Enrique celebrates the natural beauty and calm of the place he calls home -- and asks readers where they find peace of mind.

"My exterior is fused with an uninvited guest, / covered with shame, / ashamed that I am battling to disclose a secret, / in exchange for some peace. / No one wants to see this, talk about it... / questioning looks, don't you have any shame? / I do."

-- from "I Want to Be Free," by Christa (part of Poetry Month at TheBody.com)


 HIV Medications on the Horizon (Yes, There Really Are Some)
OK, sure, a major research conference earlier this year didn't give us much to cheer about when it comes to the HIV drug pipeline. But don't let one conference fool you: Dozens of HIV medications are currently in development, and some appear pretty promising. This overview from Test Positive Aware Network brings us up to speed on several of those antiretroviral hopefuls.

 Special Programs Help People in U.S. Pay for Their HIV Meds
You need to start HIV treatment -- but can you afford it? As budget problems cripple HIV treatment assistance programs across the U.S., a growing number of HIVers in need of meds are finding their options limited. But take heart: Jeff Berry of Test Positive Aware Network details a range of programs in which HIV drug companies themselves help offset some of the cost of their meds.

More Headlines on HIV Treatment and Health Issues:

"You can't touch the enemy / But You can touch its victims / You can't see the enemy / But You can see its devastation"

-- from "But," by Valynn (part of Poetry Month at TheBody.com)


Gary Bell A Closer Look: High STD Rates Among African-American Women and Girls
"Recent news has not been kind about women and girls of color and their sexual health," longtime HIV/AIDS advocate Gary Bell laments. In his latest blog entry on TheBody.com, Bell outlines the worrisome picture when it comes to sexually transmitted disease (STD) rates among African-American women and girls -- and ponders how we can put a dent in those soaring numbers.

 U.S. to Expand Efforts Within Country to Get People Tested for HIV
The U.S. government is ramping up its push to get more people within its borders tested for HIV -- especially people who are considered part of groups that are at higher risk for HIV, including gay men, minorities and injection drug users. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control recently announced $31.5 million in new money for the revamped testing effort over the next three years, with a total of $142.5 million going to states and local health departments.

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