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A Poem by Brooke Davidoff

April 2010

I'm a 31-year-old female and I live in Seattle. I was diagnosed Jan. 8, 2010.

The Power of Destiny

The words dripped down my body
through my porcelain white skin
down to my tainted blood
you are HIV +

I did not feel sad
no fear, or anger
I felt power

A surge of destiny
like this was my new calling

Life comes too easy
we take it for granted
fall into the cracks
of normal people
work, family, home to watch tv - repeat

Being okay
with no sense of purpose

But wow, a writer
through most of my life
given the opportunity
to let the people know
what it's like to feel a disease

Not a mythical character someone made up
I'm real
I'm white
I'm straight
never used IV drugs
newly married
And now I have aids

I have a voice
I don't lie down quietly
I don't go away when people look at me
I get stronger and louder

I began research
writing a book
signed up to volunteer

Let other straight women know
they are also at risk
we need to stick together
we need to educate
this disease didn't end with Pedro Zamora

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