February 25, 2010
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fogcityjohn Fogcityjohn Explores the "End of Sex" (Hint: "End" Has Two Meanings)
"When sex is good, it is a joyous and exuberant riot of the senses," writes fogcityjohn. For a number of reasons, which he shares in the latest installment of his blog, fogcityjohn's sex life has cooled considerably since his HIV diagnosis. "It's not just the physical pleasure that I miss," he notes; "it's the deeper function of sex ... our basic human need for connection." (Blog from TheBody.com)

Thomas DeLorenzo Thomas DeLorenzo Applies to Law School: Breaking the "Red Ribbon Ceiling"
Fifteen years ago this month, Thomas DeLorenzo lost his partner, David, to AIDS-related complications. "David told me ... I had to go on and do big things," Thomas writes. Now, at the age of 47, he's a long-term HIV survivor applying to law school. In a series of blog entries, he walks us through his application process, including how he dealt with the dicey question of when, and how, to bring up his HIV status. (Three-part blog from TheBody.com)

ScotCharles ScotCharles: "Living in the Moment" -- for 26 Years and Counting
ScotCharles remembers the day in 1984 when he got that fateful letter from the Red Cross that contained his HIV diagnosis. His doctor advised him to get his affairs in order and prepare to die. Instead, he learned to live in the moment -- and 26 years later, despite the slow onset of long-term health issues including HIV-associated dementia, he's still proudly living by that credo. (Blog entry from TheBody.com)

If the name "ScotCharles" looks familiar to you, that might be because you've come across his posts at TheBody.com's bulletin boards. He's been a supportive, eloquent, thoughtful presence on the boards for years now. If you'd like to get to know him better, check out some of his recent bulletin board posts.

Debbie Hagins, M.D. HIV Frontlines: Fighting for Low-Income HIVers in the U.S. South: An Interview With Debbie Hagins, M.D.
Debbie Hagins, M.D., is a very busy woman: Her HIV/AIDS clinic serves nearly 1,000 people in Georgia. But that doesn't stop her from giving her cell phone number to her patients, and even going to their houses to make sure they take their HIV medications. Because many of her patients are struggling financially, this kind of dedication can make a huge difference. (From TheBody.com's HIV Frontlines podcast series)


Gerald Pierone Jr., M.D. The End of HIV Drug Development as We Know It
"We may be witnessing the winding down of the HIV drug development process," writes Gerald Pierone Jr., M.D. One of the world's most important annual HIV/AIDS research conferences took place last week, but of more than 1,000 studies presented, only a few were about drugs in development. In this blog entry on our sister site for health professionals, Dr. Pierone explores why the pipeline appears to be drying out. (Part of TheBodyPRO.com's coverage of CROI 2010)

CROI 2010 The Future of First-Line HIV Treatment: Are Atripla's Days as King Numbered?
"Atripla (efavirenz/tenofovir/FTC) is the acknowledged king in the realm of first-line antiretroviral therapy," writes Gerald Pierone Jr., M.D. "Not so fast: The king still breathes. But his time is growing short." So which drugs are the possible contenders for the first-line treatment throne? Dr. Pierone gives us a rundown based on the latest available research. (Part of TheBodyPRO.com's coverage of CROI 2010)

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I'm HIV Positive. Can I Safely Get Pregnant?
(A recent post from the "Women" board)

"I am 40 years old and have been HIV positive for 20 years. My husband of 18 years is negative. We would love to have a baby, but I don?t know if it is too late for me. I hear many stories of healthy babies being born. Do positive women have sex with their partner? Do they get sperm inserted from a turkey baster? Please tell me what, and how, is the best way to keep my husband safe?" -- light001

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H1N1 Whatever Happened to H1N1 (Swine Flu) and HIV?
The H1N1 pandemic that swept the world in 2009 caused plenty of panic and media hype. It also raised a ton of questions about how H1N1 and HIV might interact, as well as concerns about how effective an H1N1 vaccine would be in people with HIV. At a major research conference last week, we finally got some answers to those questions. (Part of TheBodyPRO.com's coverage of CROI 2010)

 Warning Issued About Possible Link Between Invirase and Heart Problems
Invirase (saquinavir) may cause a potentially serious electrical problem in the heart, according to a notice issued this week by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The problem appears to be an interaction between Invirase and Norvir (ritonavir), which are usually prescribed together as part of an HIV drug regimen. The FDA recommends people talk with their doctor if they're taking both Invirase and Norvir and are concerned about potential heart effects. (Press release from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration)

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