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T-20 Expanded Access

March 2002

Starting November 27, 2001 at 3pm EST, a study allowing for access to the fusion inhibitor T-20 (Pentafuside) began. However, because there's a severe supply problem, this study was very limited and only provided drug to 168 people in the United States. All slots were filled within weeks. The study may be expanded later to 200, perhaps by summer. Interested physicians should call 1-888-722-6321 for more information.

The study is limited to individuals who need T-20 to put together a viable anti-HIV regimen, must have a viral load over 10,000 copies and have a CD4+ cell count below 50. Physicians are encouraged to give first preference to people who have had an AIDS-defining opportunistic infection within the last 90 days and have a CD4+ cell count below 50 while taking potent anti-HIV therapy. Secondary preference is encouraged for people with CD4+ cell counts below 50 for the last 90 days despite taking potent therapy. While the deadline has passed and the program full/closed to enrollment, as more drug becomes available the program might expand/increase in size. If or when the program expands and accepts new enrollees, the Project Inform hotline will have more information. Visit the Web site frequently or call the hotline for updates!

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