January 7, 2010
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Serosorting and Sex Clubs: A Personal Tour Serosorting and Sex Clubs: A Personal Tour
"Ever taken a guided tour of a gay men's sex club? Brace yourself," says Mark King. In his latest video blog entry, Mark gets a personal look at what these clubs are all about -- and dives into the controversial topic of whether it's OK for someone with HIV to have unprotected sex, as long as it's with someone else who's HIV positive. (Blog entry from TheBody.com)

fogcityjohn Why We Should Not Be Afraid to Grieve
"Why do we feel the need to profess that everything is fine, that we've gotten over something so painful as the death of a loved one?" So asks fogcityjohn in his latest blog entry, which he wrote after a poignant moment with our editorial director. "The end of grieving does not mean the end of grief. ... And this is as it should be." (Blog entry from TheBody.com)

 Losing ADAP: One Woman's Journey
Across the U.S., some AIDS Drug Assistance Programs (ADAPs) have been cutting off assistance to a growing number of low-income people, leaving them scrambling to pay for their HIV meds. Gina and her husband are two of those people; in this article, Gina tells her story. "The Lord brought us through 20 years of drug use," Gina says. "We turned our lives around, and now this." (Article from TheBody.com)

Working "Within the Walls": An HIV Educator in an Urban U.S. Jail Working "Within the Walls": An HIV Educator in an Urban U.S. Jail
"How was I supposed to effectively educate a population plagued with stereotypes and misinformation [about HIV], and at the same time deny them the means to protect themselves?" asks Billy Minshall. Minshall, once an HIV test counselor at a Chicago jail where condoms are forbidden, meditates on the brutal irony of his former position. (Article from Test Positive Aware Network)

To learn more, browse TheBody.com's extensive collection of articles on HIV/AIDS among incarcerated people.

Strange but True: It's Your Last Chance to Vote!
Friday, Jan. 8, is your final opportunity to vote for the most bizarre HIV-related question asked in our "Ask the Experts" forums last year! From farts to zits to disgruntled airport security workers, you'll be amazed at just how far-out some folks can get in their paranoia over a possible HIV exposure.

 New Report Breaks Down Why Some HIVers May Be "Aging Before Their Time"
What causes the health problems normally associated with aging to occur sooner in people with HIV? It's difficult to discern whether the prime culprit is HIV itself, HIV meds or good old Father Time. A new report explains how the "standard" aging process can affect the body, and describes how each of these effects may be exacerbated by HIV/AIDS. (Article from ACRIA and GMHC)

 Genetic Quirk May Explain Why Some People Don't Do Well on Hep C Treatment
Hepatitis C treatment is not always effective, but researchers have long been flummoxed as to why it works for some people and not others. A new study suggests that a genetic variation may explain why some people (especially those of African descent) fare worse than others. (Article from TheBody.com)

 Is More Effective Hepatitis C Treatment on the Horizon?
Hepatitis C treatment only works for about 40 percent of people who try it. But there are drugs in the pipeline that experts hope will finally provide people with new, more effective hep C treatment options -- and researchers continue to work on the development of a hep C vaccine. (Article from Scientific American)

 Heavy Drinking Raises Heart Disease Risk for Men With HIV, Study Finds
Heavy drinking appears to increase an HIVer's heart disease risk by 35 percent or more, according to a U.S. study involving only men. The findings also suggest that excessive alcohol use has more of an impact on the heart health of HIV-positive men than HIV-negative men. (Article from aidsmap.com)

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Me and My (Former) Sex Drive
(A recent post from the "Gay Men" board)

"Does HIV or the medication make you feel less sexual? Since my diagnosis, I haven't really felt as sexy or in touch with my sexuality as I used to. Has any one else experienced this?" -- iNvisible

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Bonnie Goldman U.S. HIV/AIDS Travel Ban Finally, Officially Over
"The ban on travel or immigration to the U.S. by people living with HIV/AIDS is officially over," writes Bonnie Goldman, TheBody.com's editorial director, in her latest blog entry. "It was an ugly law that had been in place since 1987 and caused countless humiliations. ... This is a great step, but it took a stunningly long time to come." (Blog entry from TheBody.com)

 U.S. Needle Exchange Ban Is History -- but Struggle for Funds Will Continue, Advocates Say
U.S. HIV/AIDS advocates and experts united in praise of Congress recently lifting the ban on federal funding for needle exchange programs. Amid the celebration, however, many in the HIV/AIDS community also expressed concern that the lifting of the decades-old ban did not come with a guarantee of funds for needle exchanges. (Article from TheBody.com)

NYC Condom NYC Condoms: Creative New Yorkers, Share Your Designs!
The NYC Condom needs a makeover for 2010 -- and the city's health department is putting it to the people of New York City to give this widely distributed item its new look. New Yorkers over the age of 17 are welcome to submit designs; all entries must be received by 11:59 p.m. on Friday, Jan. 22, 2010. (Press release from the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene)

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