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World AIDS Day 2009

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World AIDS Day posterMost of you don't need a World AIDS Day to remind you how important HIV awareness is. You already know that a breathtakingly large number of people become infected with HIV every hour of every day. And you're fully aware of just how critical it is that we continue to battle not just HIV, but stigma, the lack of HIV treatment access, poor political leadership and the sexism, racism and homophobia that keep this pandemic alive after more than 25 years.

But it's the responsibility of each of us -- as the people who know HIV better than nearly everyone else on the planet -- to be educators and activists. So browse these pages for inspiration as you decide how you can best observe this year's World AIDS Day on Dec. 1.'s World AIDS Day Center is divided into these sections:

World AIDS Day poster

Featured in our coverage of World AIDS Day 2009:

Fortunata KasegeWhat Are You Doing This World AIDS Day? asked some HIV/AIDS advocates: "What are your doing this World AIDS Day?" Watch what they had to say, and let us know what you're doing this World AIDS Day!

Justin B. SmithPowerful First-Person Stories From People Living With HIV
Justin B. Smith may be one of the most public African Americans living with HIV: He has his own blog and Web site, and he's even on YouTube. And who can blame him? Only 29, he already has an incredible story to tell. Former pop star Sherri Lewis also took the time to share with us her story of surviving -- and thriving -- with HIV. recently interviewed both of them (and others!) to hear their stories and talk about life with HIV. Read or listen in!

These headlines are just a small sample of the many interviews, articles, podcasts, videos and resources at your fingertips within's 2009 World AIDS Day Center. We encourage you to post to Facebook and/or tweet our World AIDS Day section. Stop in now and learn more!