September 29, 2009
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 The Reaction: HIV Community at Odds Over Study Results

The results of the RV144 "prime-boost" HIV vaccine study made a tremendous splash in mainstream news and social media last week. But do the data really hold up to the hype?

Some top HIV/AIDS organizations are urging the world not to jump to conclusions. "[I]t appears that the statistical significance [of the results] hangs on very few cases of HIV infection," said Treatment Action Group, which in a statement urged "caution in interpreting the findings until more detailed information is available."

Other organizations and members of the scientific community responded to the study results enthusiastically. However, none suggested that the study results signify that a fully effective HIV vaccine is right around the corner.

 The Context: More Information on This Study

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Additional news and analysis of this headline-grabbing development in HIV/AIDS research will continue to arrive over the upcoming days. Be sure to check back at for the latest!

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