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ACRIA Trials in Progress

Summer 2009

Pomegranate Juice

People who have not taken HIV meds for at least 90 days will drink pomegranate juice or placebo juice daily for 10 to 18 weeks to study its effect on the heart, quality of life, and HIV viral load.


People who have taken HIV drugs will receive infusions of ibalizumab (a monoclonal antibody designed to block HIV entry into CD4 cells) twice a month for 24 weeks or longer, along with other HIV drugs.

Crofelemer for Diarrhea

People 18 and older who have persistent diarrhea will take crofelemer (a new anti-diarrhea drug) or placebo tablets for 6 weeks. Then everyone will take crofelemer for 5 months.

Isentress in Pregnant Women

Pregnant women who are already taking Isentress will give several blood samples on two separate days in order to find the optimum dose of the drug during pregnancy. Compensation is provided.

Avandia and Serostim

People with insulin resistance will take Avandia or serostim (growth hormone) or both for 6 months to see how they affect blood sugar, insulin levels, and body shape.


People who have taken HIV meds will take this new CCR5 inhibitor for 10 days with no other HIV meds.


People who have taken HIV meds will take Intelence with Reyataz and an NRTI for 48 weeks.

For more information on these trials, contact us at 212-924-3934, ext. 121.

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