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What's New in Fund Raising?
from the Information Department of Project Inform

July 2002

Turn "Tiny Tickets" Into Good Deeds

Attention Bay Area commuters! Tired of small denomination BART tickets piling up in your top drawer? Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) now offers an easy option for putting the residual value of those tickets to good use. Tiny tickets are those hoards of BART tickets, often discarded or left in pockets or drawers, that have tiny bits of value left on them, a nickel, a dime, and more in some cases, that could be turned into cash. BART has estimated that the cash value of tiny tickets ranges from $300,000 to $2 million annually.

Although currently the residual value of tickets may be consolidated, refunded or exchanged by BART, the majority of such tickets are left unused. The Tiny Tickets program was designed to encourage BART commuters to donate their residual tickets to non-profit, charitable organizations in communities served by the BART system.

The proceeds generated from the tickets you turn in to our office will be redeemed at full value as a direct donation to support Project Inform programs. If you have Tiny Tickets you wish to donate to Project Inform, please send them directly to us at 205 Thirteenth Street #2001, San Francisco, CA 94103. Tickets will be collected all year round.

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