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Do You Have a Story to Share?

August 2003

Do You Have a Story You Would Like to Share?

Have you had good experiences with the treatment regimen that you are on? Have you decided to wait on using anti-HIV therapy? Are there resources that have been helpful to you that you would like to share with other positive women? Would you like to share your story with other women around the country who receive Wise Words?

Hearing the experiences of other positive women can be a source of empowerment, support and guidance. If you are interested in submitting a personal story (this can be anonymous, with no names attached if you wish), please contact the Project Wise Program Manager, Shalini Eddens, at 415-558-8669 x205 or or Project Inform, 205 13th Street, #2001, San Francisco, CA 94103.

Here are a few points to consider if you are thinking about writing a story:

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