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A Word from WISE

December 2001

Greetings, Wise Women!!

My name is Shalini Eddens and I recently joined Project Inform as the new Program Manager for Project WISE. Project WISE was truly blessed to have the leadership of Angela Garcia. Earlier this year, Angela went on to continue her education. Her contributions to Project WISE and WISE Words will be remembered and appreciated. We wish her the very best.

I am optimistic and excited about the future of Project WISE. More importantly, I'm grateful to each of you for being such an important part of WISE Words. I invite your questions, comments or anything that keeps WISE Words your newsletter! Contact us at or 415-558-8669 x205.

This issue is for women who are considering therapy, specifically those with a chronic established infection vs. acute infection. A chronic infection means you were exposed to the virus over a year ago. An acute infection means within the last year.

These timelines are not written in stone -- varying factors can influence an infection being acute or chronic. If you're unsure about the time of your infection, talk with your doctor.

I hope you can make this issue of WISE Words more personal to your life. Remember, the best decision is an informed decision -- one that you make for YOU!


Shalini Eddens
Program Manager, Project WISE

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