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A Word from WISE
Special Issue: Dealing with Drug Side Effects

June 2000

The December 1999 issue of WISE Words described some concerns of women dealing with drug side effects. The publication, Dealing with Drug Side Effects, offers a more complete discussion of how to monitor and manage side effects and highlights unique issues facing women. This publication has been published in place of a regular issue of WISE Words.

There are things you can do to lessen the impact of side effects. Perhaps the most important thing is learning how to identify early signs and symptoms of drug toxicity. Equally important is developing ways to lower the chance of experiencing them in the first place. That way you're not surprised or unprepared if they do occur. Sometimes that's as easy as keeping rice, ibuprofen, or Benadryl on hand.

Like anything else, you don't have to grin and bear side effects. Talk to your doctor about how you're feeling and the symptoms you're having. Talk to other people taking HIV therapies about what they do to prevent and treat their side effects. Give some of the enclosed side effect management tips a try. Finally, let us know what works for you. It might help someone else down the line!

-- Angela Garcia
Program Manager, Project WISE/Women's Treatment Information and Advocacy

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