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What Else Is WISE Up To?
Special Issue: Dealing with Drug Side Effects

June 2000

WISE Words en Español!

We're very excited that WISE Words will debut in Spanish this year! Of course, Project Inform has been translating many of our publications into Spanish for years, making them available on the Web or over the hotline (including this publication). However, this will be the first time we will actually have a Spanish publication that women living with HIV and service providers can sign up to receive regularly. It will include translated articles of WISE Words, plus special articles and features for Latinas. As always, the publication is free of charge.

If you would like to receiving WISE Words in Spanish, please call 415-558-8669 x231 or 800-822-7422 and request to be placed on the Spanish WISE Words mailing list. Or email us with that request at Please specify if you would only like to receive Spanish versions, or both Spanish and English. Gracias!

We're on Our Way to South Africa!

This July we'll be heading off to Durban, South Africa, for the 13th International AIDS Conference. Rumor has it that there will be special attention paid to issues uniquely impacting women living with HIV. These issues will likely deal with mother-to-child transmission and prevention issues as they are particularly important in developing countries where access to therapy is limited. Issues presented at the conference that are of importance to women, including, but not limited to pregnancy issues, will be covered in the upcoming PI Perspective and WISE Words. Keep your eye out for it!

More Information on HIV Testing

On the policy front, the issue of HIV testing of pregnant women and newborns is still very much on the political agenda. There is a great deal of controversy over protecting the rights and choices of women and what is right in terms of early identification of HIV in managing pregnancy and preventing mother-to-child HIV transmission. Implications of any laws which might govern routine HIV testing of pregnant women are very complex and may impact the way many women learn about their HIV status. This may have further implications about how they choose to treat (or not treat) their HIV down the line.

We're busy sorting through all of these tough issues and are developing materials that describe them and our own opinions. If you're interested in learning more about the issue of HIV testing of pregnant women and newborns, contact Project Inform's Treatment Action Network (TAN) by calling 415-558-8669 x224, or you can email us at Several projects and publications are currently in progress and will be coming your way. We're putting the finishing touches on a couple of new publications, including one that focuses on getting in tune with how women feel emotionally and physically. We're also working on a paper on preventing and treating a condition very common in positive women -- candidiasis (yeast infections). So stay tuned!

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