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A Word from WISE

By Angela Garcia

March 2001

If you are among the many HIV-positive women with questions about switching or stopping anti-HIV treatment, then this issue of WISE Words is written especially for you. It highlights lessons learned and provides basic guidelines for consideration if and when you should be faced with the decision to switch or stop. If you are not facing these decisions right now, or are not on anti-HIV treatment, chances are you may be examining these issues in the future. So hang on to this issue! And be sure to check out the upcoming PI Perspective, which will explore questions on starting therapy.

This issue of WISE Words is the product of conversations we have had with positive women across the country. You told us that this was an area of interest to you, and we did our research and wrote about it. What you think is important to us. Soon we will post a reader survey on the website for you to tell us what you think. It will help guide future issues of Wise Words. Thank you!

Angela Garcia is Program Manager, Project WISE/Women's Treatment Information and Advocacy.

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