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Greetings Wise Women!!

March 2005

Welcome to the first issue of Wise Words for 2005! Many of you responded to our Wise Words survey wanting to see information on lipodystrophy. This issue focuses on just that, providing information on its cause, possible treatments, personal stories and important advocacy issues.

While looks are not everything, how we feel about our bodies can affect our self-esteem. As women, we want to feel beautiful and attractive. The way we feel about ourselves affects our mind, body and spirit. Sylvia and Jennifer shared their personal experiences with lipodystrophy. I give both of these phenomenal women a lot of respect for facing their fears and working through their challenges.

If there is one thing that you take with you from this issue, take the inspiration of two women who used their own strength and determination to pull them through difficult times. Look in the mirror ... tell yourself, "I am a beautiful and phenomenal woman. Phenomenal me!"

Peace and blessings,

Shalini Eddens
Women's Program Manager

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