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A Word from Project WISE
Special Issue: Positive? How Are You Feeling?

How Are You Feeling?

Though we live with our bodies every day, it's easy to lose touch with them, to not feel or hear what they're telling us. Life can be so demanding, it's easy to forget how we're feeling. We have so much going on that we ignore our bodies' messages.

Yet, our feelings and body signals give us important clues about our overall health. Sometimes they're obvious, like when we get a cold. Other times they're subtle, like when we feel a little tired a little too much. The subtle signals are just as important as the obvious ones.

Recognizing and responding to body signals become even more important when you're living with HIV. They can be warning signs that something more serious is going on or is about to happen. Plus, they can make life a drag.

The purpose of this special issue of WISE Words is to help you recognize feelings and signals that may be related to HIV disease. It provides ideas about how to respond in ways that will make you feel better. This might mean getting more rest or eating better. It could mean going to the doctor or taking anti-HIV medications. So, before you can figure out what to do, really think about the question: How are you feeling?

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