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Connecting With Others

By Bonnie Goldman

May 21, 2009

Get Connected

Louis Curbelo

Louis Curbelo
Diagnosed in 1987
(pictured with his HIV-negative wife Rosalía)

"Get educated. Find a support group, so that if you need to talk to somebody, you can talk there. Because there are people like you who are dealing with the same thing. Also, get a doctor who is a specialist on HIV. That's important, because not every doctor knows about HIV."

Connect With People Who've Been There's active boards are the place to connect with others.

"As a long-term survivor (21 years and counting) of HIV, I can honestly say that if you do what you need to do, care for yourself -- eat healthy foods, avoid alcohol, caffeine and sugar, get plenty of rest and exercise regularly, you should be able to live a long, healthy and prosperous life. Be sure to maintain a good mental state of mind/being -- it helps get you through the tough spots."
-- bnagayguy, responding to JAGuar, who was recently diagnosed

Visit The Body's Bulletin Boards and connect with others!

You're not alone. It's one of the most important things to keep in mind as you adjust to the fact that you're living with HIV. And thanks to the Internet, it's more true today than it's ever been.

Nobody should face an HIV diagnosis all by themselves. So, whatever your reservations, make sure you connect with a community of HIV-positive people. It's a key step towards solving both the emotional and practical problems of living with HIV.

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