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To My Mom in Heaven

If you were a star
I would be the moon.
So you could see me every night.

If you were a rainbow
after the rain
I could be the sun
so I could talk to you.

If you were a dandelion
growing in the grass.
I would pick you up
and make a wish.


Out of all the people,
It had to be me.
You killed me, my soul.
I cannot.
There, out in the field,
I held you.
Out of a stupid,
I could not.
It had to be me.
I lost you, I lost you.
No, over the edge.
But, love was dead.
Yes, you deceived me,
Leaving my heart, world, love.
Emptiness, bleeding with emptiness.
I lost you.
I lost you.
Too bad.


an invisible thought
a white light fills
the blackness stood upon
showered by hope
love an apparent ray
when I face you
in your stardust
the man
once known
is now
just stardust
glowing amber mixed
with the twilight
of a blinding
skies black
as ebony
spotted with your
before me
a notion
for your
stardust falls
in my hand
while I
and dream
of your
fading into


I didn't see the lesions on his face.
I only felt his warm embrace.
Coughs and moans I didn't hear.
I only heard silly whispers in my ear.
No sadness from his flute.
The twinkle had not left his eye.
Little did I know that soon he was going to die.
Mom and Dad came and told my brother and me
That our uncle had died.
I was lost and confused.
Then I saw the pain in my parents' eyes.
At night I hear his flute,
I cry and wish that we'd never parted.
Then I hear him say that he will always be in my heart.

Writing Exercises: Grieving

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