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Letting HIV/AIDS Know Something

HIV you are hurting friends and family.
AIDS you are killing them.
If only one day we should find
a way to destroy you we would.

If I Could

If only you know how
you made me feel inside
the hurt, the anger
but most of all the pain.
You go around destroying
lives taking out all of
my people like a big genocide.
There are not words
that would describe
my pain exactly but
one word I feel towards
you is hate.
You came into our lives
day by day as if what
you do is nothing.
You're wrong! Dead wrong!
You affect our way of
living, you stop us from
achieving our goals.
You're a killer, a murderer
you creep into our system
and use our own bodies
to kill us off.
Slow and painful that's
the way you kill us all.
My heart can no longer
save me. Instead it pumps
blood that helps to kill me.
You steal our dreams
you take our hopes and crush them.
The anger I had inside
for you is not enough.
So small yet so
much damage can you cause
so unnoticeable yet inside
you're raging.


I'll try my best to overcome
I'll fight you, battle you, until I've won
black as the heart of the Devil is how I see you
At first it seems that you're not here, but that's not true
You take away the love from me
You are like a shadow, I can not see
I feel you near, just around the corner
stay away, my strength will stay
and conquer you, I still try
but you seem to be omnipotent.


If I could tell HIV how I feel
I would tell it that it destroys lives.
Breaking apart families.
Robbing lives that aren't theirs.
Having people live with struggle, pain
sickness, sorrow and nothing else left in their mind.
If I could tell HIV how I feel
I would tell it to go away.
Never return.
I would tell it that it
makes people blind with their tears
and deaf with their screaming
If I could tell HIV how I feel
then it would listen,
bringing back lives that were killed,
families that were torn apart,
and homes that were sweet.
I know just because you have HIV
doesn't mean it's the end of the
world, but in return you can
never stop thinking about it.


I may have a disease
but I'm not any different
I feel on fire
I can do what anyone can do
and I can't do anything
I don't have a chance
My blood is different
I'm supposed to be different.


AIDS feels like losing a game
It smells like someone getting sick
It tastes like chocolate milk
It is disgusting
It is unfair
It is like a sad day

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