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HIV & Me: A Guide to Living With HIV for Hispanics - Step 8

November 25, 2008

HIV & Me: A Guide to Living With HIV for Hispanics
Step 8: Dealing With HIV Treatment

You've made the commitment to begin treatment and settled on your first HIV medication regimen. To ensure that your meds keep working, you'll need to take the exact dose and exact number of pills in your regimen on time, every time. But there may be challenges waiting to trip you up, including:

Whatever the reason, and however hard it may be to talk about it, it's extremely important to bring up the problem with your HIV specialist or case manager before the problem interferes with your med schedule.


"If you don't keep up with your meds, and you forget one day, then forget a few days later, you tend to develop resistance to the medication. You don't want to burn your bridges, because then, if there are no other drugs that'll work with you, you're up a creek without a paddle. You don't want to do that. Take your medications first thing in the morning, drink some water, and just go from there."

-- Joseph, diagnosed in 1995

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