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PWA Health Group

Index of articles from PWA Health Group

PWA Health Group logo The PWA (People With AIDS) Health Group was founded in 1987, and is primarily dedicated to providing access to promising or experimental treatments for HIV/AIDS, and providing treatment education and support to people living with the virus and to those institutions that serve PWAs The PWA Health Group was founded by Thomas Hannan and Michael Callen, both PWAs, and their physician, Joseph Sonnabend MD, and is organized in New York State as People With AIDS Working for Health, Inc., a 501(c)3, not-for-profit corporation.

Info Sheets

Drug descriptions, fact sheets on the latest antiviral treatments, special issue information sheets on such things as side effects (Diabetes Alert), Hepatitis C, wasting, dosing, treatment strategies, and results from clinical trials.

Notes from the Underground

The PWA Health Group Newsletter, published six times a year, reporting on issues pertaining to underground AIDS treatment and access.

Women's TX News

Published four times a year, reporting on treatment issues pertaining specifically to women living with HIV/AIDS; a special insert in each issue from the Pediatric Working Group focuses on treatments for infants and children.

Order forms/contributions

Other buyers clubs around the country

Executive Director Lillie Mikesell
Deputy Director James Learned
Office Manager Mark Niedzolkowski
Accountant Carolie Jenner
Editor Mark Niedzolkowski
Women's Treatment Project Coordinator J.D.

Board of Directors
Jeff Birnbaum, MD | Io Cyrus | Andrea Dubose |
John Falkenberg, RN | Catherine Hanssens, Esq |
Joe Sonnabend, MD (Emeritus) | Lillian Thiemann | Gus Vianna

Michael Callen | Thomas Hannan | Joe Sonnabend, MD

How to Reach PWA Health Group

People with AIDS Working for Health, Inc.
P.O. Box 136, Village Station, New York, NY 10014
tel (212) 255-0520
fax (212) 255-2080

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