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Podcast Central: This Positive Life

This Positive Life
Personal Stories From People Around the World Living With HIV

Just diagnosed with HIV? Living with it for a few years? You're not alone. There's nothing like reading or listening to the stories of other people with HIV to gain insight and strength. Far too many people with HIV live in isolation, dealing with their medical visits, their meds and their side effects all by themselves. Here's your opportunity to gain firsthand knowledge from women and men from all walks of life on what it means to live with HIV.

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Featured Podcast: An Interview With Bernard Jackson
Bernard Jackson

In 1999, Bernard Jackson's wife passed away in the hospital weeks after being given an AIDS diagnosis. That's how Bernard learned he was HIV positive -- but he was so consumed with shock, loss and caring for his young daughter that years went by before he was able to process his own diagnosis. "[Sharing my story] was how I started building myself back up ... and seeing that what I thought was the end for me was actually a beginning," he reports today.

Interviews With HIV-Positive Men
D'Jaun Black (68 min.)

Gary (46 min.)

Greg Braxton (63 min.)

George Burgess (52 min.)

Ron Crowder (19 min.)

Brian Datcher (47 min.)

Enrique Franco (33 min.)

David Garner (63 min.)

Bernard Jackson (42 min.)

Joseph (18 min.)

Kali Lindsey (34 min.)

Jimmy Mack (42 min.)

Jack Mackenroth (9 min.)

Oliver W. Martin III (42 min.)

Michael McColly (59 min.)

Paul (46 min.)

Jose Ramirez (57 min.)

Ahmad Salcido (14 min.)

Justin B. Smith (41 min.)

Nelson Vergel (60 min.)

Interviews With HIV-Positive Women
Marvelyn Brown (29 min.)

Brenda Chambers (22 min.)

Shana Cozad (58 min.)

Lois Crenshaw (49 min.)

Damaries Cruz (18 min.)

Esmeralda (Part One; 31 min.)

Esmeralda (Part Two; 38 min.)

Sherri Lewis (50 min.)

Nina Martinez (20 min.)

Michelle Lopez (26 min.)

Marama Pala (14 min.)

Gracia Violeta Ross Quiroga (50 min.)

Sarah (56 min.)

Shelley Singer (64 min.)

Loreen Willenberg (54 min.)
Interviews About Body Fat Loss
John (52 min.)

Maxwell Lawton (42 min.)

Mary (32 min.)
Jim Shea (51 min.)

José Sousa (33 min.)

Ford Warrick (41 min.)

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