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Podcast Central: This Month in HIV

This Month in HIV

This monthly podcast series from reports on critical news in HIV. Each month, we interview prominent individuals in the HIV community about the issues that matter most in HIV treatment, prevention and activism.

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Featured Podcast: A Closer Look at Egrifta, a Newly Approved Treatment for HIV-Associated Belly Fat Gain (Lipohypertrophy)
Daniel S. Berger, M.D.
An Interview With Daniel Berger, M.D.

On Nov. 10, Egrifta (tesamorelin) became the first drug approved in the U.S. to treat unusual fat gain, or lipohypertrophy, in people with HIV. In our latest episode of This Month in HIV, we talk with noted HIV researcher Daniel Berger, M.D., about how Egrifta works, who should take it, and what else we know to date about the treatment of lipohypertrophy.

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